How To Use Essential Oils


How to use essential oils

Essential oils are in rage these days. Many of the well known, popular cosmetic brands are coming up with their range of essential oils. But before you buy them just cause you’ve heard your friend talk about them, it’s important that you know what essential oils are, how to use these oils in the correct way and what are precautionary methods to keep in mind while using the oils.

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What are essential oils

For thousands of years essential oils have been used for cosmetic purposes as well as for spiritual and emotional uplifting. Uses of essential oils range from aromatherapy, personal beauty and care, household cleaning to natural medicinal treatment. The essential oil comes from either steam distilling or by cold pressing the different parts of plants including barks, leaves, petals, roots and raisins. They are known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property. Since these oils are extracted properties of the plants the value of concentrations is much higher than its botanical source which they are derived from. So one must follow precautions when using the oils. Never ever use oils in large amounts. These are very strong concentrations. Almost always dilute them before using. And make sure you are using the right measurement.

How to use essential oils

For room freshener and cleaning purposes

It can be used for a number of purposes like I have already mentioned before. Say next time you are cleaning the carpet, try mixing a 5-6 drops of Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint or Ylang Ylang into a box of baking soda and sprinkle this onto the carpet, and let it sit there for an hour before you vacuum it. This will make your living room smelling cozy and welcoming.

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When cleaning the fridge next time try using Lime, Bergamot or Lemongrass in the final rinse water for that refreshing aroma every time you open the door. But just make sure you are using very small amount. Cause certain foods have a tendency of catching the smell rather quickly.

You can use essential oils for room fresheners. Just make an aromatic spritzer by mixing up the oil of your choice with water using a dispersant. And use the mix to spray in the room.

For aroma therapy purposes

Essential oils can also be used on the body. As we all know many of our soaps and bodywashes, shampoos and  body lotions boasts of carrying essential oils in them. But when using this at home to make our own aroma therapeutic products we just need to be a bit careful. Because of the high concentration of these oils, it is always advised that you dilute it before usage or when applying on to the body directly just use a carrier oil. Some of the ways in which you can use the oil for aroma therapy are:

Massage/Body Oil

Catnip essential oil

You can use it by combining essential oil of your choice with a herbal oil or vegetable oil. The recommended dilution should be 5-1% (3-5 drops of essential oil per ounce of the carrier oil) for infants 2.5%-10% for adults. Aromatherapy oils help relieve stress, joints pains, headaches, insomnia, etc

In Facial creams/ Lotion

For sensitive skin add 3-5 drops of essential oil per ounce of the lotion or cream. And for people with normal skin can add 6-15 drops per ounce. This will help to improve your skin tone, reduce inflammation if any, slow down the aging, soften and soothe skin, balance sebum production, reduce the scars, etc

In Baths

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Using essential oils in your bathing water is probably the most effective way of relieving stress after an entire day’s hard work. So pour in 2-10 drops (depending on the amount of water) of your favorite essential oil into your bathing water and enjoy the experience. It helps to increase stimulation, get rid of muscle stiffness, soothe fatigue, etc


Pour in a few drops essential oils like Thyme, Eucalyptus, Lemon into a pot of boiling water, cover your head with a towel and take in the steam. Keep your eyes closed while doing this. This helps to relieve respiratory tract congestion and sinuses.

In case you are feeling nauseated, or feeling low or stresses inhaling in essential oils directly can work like magic. You can either smell it directly by rubbing a bit on to your palm, or pour in a few drops on to the handkerchief or smelling salt.

However not all essential oils are meant for all purposes. Let us take a look at a few oils and see what purpose they serve.

  • Bergamot -This has got a fresh, fruity smell to it. Can be used for the purpose of deodorizing.
  • Cassia- Cassia oil can cause skin irritation so one must be careful using this. Its aromatherapy benefits are comforting, energizing and warming.
  • Lavender-This can be used in lotions, massage oils, bathing water etc. The aroma is energizing and revitalizing.
  • Myrrh- Myrrh oil has a warm spicy aroma and is used in perfumes, and other skin care products.

So here are the various ways you can use the essential oils. Just make sure you are buying the right oil for the right purpose.

Which essential oil are you planning to buy?

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  1. Mrinalini,

    I loved the idea of room fresheners using essential oils. I have a stash of lavender oil which I use for sudden acne and for conditioning my hair. Will definitely try out the benefits by using as a room freshener and bath water energizer too.


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