How To Use Eyebrow Pencil



How To Use Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows are without an argue one of the most important features of your face; they are phenomenally expressive, draws attention towards eyes, and adds dimension to your face. Time and again here on wiseshe we have discussed how important it is to have well groomed brows. Well groomed eyebrows not only make you look good but are a crucial factor that pulls together your makeup.

People use different brow filling and grooming products. Few completely rely on eyebrow pencils, while some swear by brow powders and brow crèmes. Eyebrow pencils are the oldest and the handiest way of filling in brows and grooming them. Despite of the fact that eyebrow pencils have been around since many decades, the real way of using these is still not known my many.

Today I shall share with you all about how to share eyebrow pencils, but before that know some important tips while getting an eyebrow pencil.


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Read on.

Tips for getting the ideal eyebrow pencil:

  • Never get a black eyebrow pencil. This is one mistake that women make and are not ready to change any sooner. Black eyebrow pencils make your brows look very stark and may even make you look like you just pasted some artificial brows.
  • Always choose an eyebrow pencil which is two tones slighter than the actual hair. The idea here is to groom and fill in sparse hair not to darken the brows.
  • Always ensure that your brow pencil is sharpened, but not too sharp that it may break or hurt.


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How To Use Brow Pencil:

Step 1 – Before we start with eyebrow pencil, you must first shape your brows. Ensure that there are no stray hairs below or above the brows. If there are any try doing threading or tweezing. For hair that is very fine to be tweezed you can also use razor eyebrow shapers.

Step 2 – Now choose the right shade of eyebrow pencil. Like I already said that it should be two shades lighter than the actual brow color and should look very natural.

Step 3 – Sharpen your pencil. You can get many eyebrow pencil sharpeners from many drugstore brands, choose the one that you desire and sharpen your pencil.

Step 4 – Using light short strokes lightly fill in your eyebrow, working from the inner to outer corner. Work all the way to the outer corner. Do not press very hard as it will make your drawn lines very obvious. Gently blend with a cotton swab.

Step 5 – Ensure that you leave no stray marks of the eyebrow pencil. If you find any, remove them with a cotton swab lightly soaked in eye makeup remover and gently rub away the errors with caution.

Step 6 – Finish off by blending the pencil even more with an eyebrow brush. Doing this is not mandatory but it can help with the overall look. Take an eyebrow brush and work from the inner to outer corner, just as you applied the pencil. Remember to use short, light strokes.




Follow these steps and guide your way to applying flawless, natural looking eyebrow pencil. I hope you people find it easy and bid farewell to those unnatural looking brows.

Do you like to use eyebrow pencil?

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