How To Use Eyebrow Shaper


How To Use Eyebrow Shaper

Well groomed eye brows complete your makeup look and make you look polished. When we talk about eye brows grooming, usually the traditional methods come in our minds first which are, threading and plucking, but there is another method that has been around for years and is now becoming a trend.


shaped eyebrows

You guessed it right!!!!

I am talking about Eyebrow Shapers. Eyebrow shapers are the tools which are to used to trim, shape or comb your brows. They often contain an eyebrow razor and a setting brow comb to help you trim your eyebrows in a shape as desired. Eyebrow shapers can be of two types, the ones that follow waxing method and the ones that have razor attached and actually trim & shave the brows to get them in shape. If your brow shaper has an eyebrow razor, it can be used in shaping your eyebrows too, other than trimming them. However, these brow shaping kits are often used in trimming and combing brows to desired designs and not shaping.


Electronic Eyebrow

Razor eyebrow shapers too are of two types i.e., Electric Shaper and Disposable Blade Shaper. The former here, uses small batteries and it can be used several times while the later requires you to trim your brows manually and dispose it afterwards.

Today I shall discuss here about how we can use the eyebrow shapers. If you are using a popular brand like Nads or Philips, then you will already get a user manual which explains about directions of usage, however the not so popular brands usually do not explain much about the way to use. So with today’s article you will find easy way to use eyebrow shaper.

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Eyebrow Shaping Wax Strips:


Eyebrow Stencils

These kinds of brow shapers usually come along with various brow shapes.  You need to choose the shape that compliments your eyebrows and simply warm up the wax strip and wax. These are really easy to use.

Razor Eyebrow Shapers:

For using razor eyebrow shapers, you need to ensure that you have an eyebrow stencil that compliments you or you have a brow pencil to shape the brow and know in what shape to shave & trim. Most of the eyebrow shapers have combs which will have one side with stiff bristle while the other side has soft bristle. Stiff side is used while your brows are wet and while the softer ones can be using during the day. Now read on for the steps for shaping eyebrow.

Step 1 – Pin up your hair with a pin or secure with a headband, so that they do not fall on forehead and come in way of eyebrow shaping.

Step 2 – Use a brow pencil or white pencil to mark & shape the arch of your brow. This will work as a guide and ease the shaving process. Make small feathery strokes with the pencil.


Eyebrow Guide


Step 3 – Use the wide vertical comb attachment. Start shaving between the brows to remove fine hairs located above the nose. Move the razor against the direction of the hair growth, using small strokes to avoid cutting away too much hair.

Step 4 – Wipe off shaved off hair from the razor. Replace the head with the other brow shaving tips. This will be a small square or rectangular razor head. Working under the eyebrow, between the brow and the upper lash line, use the brow shaver to remove stray hairs below the arch. Make small, tight movements to remove the hair. Clean the razor with the towel and proceed to the other eye.


Electroni Eyebrow Shaper


Step 5 – Wash away the shaving cream and hair with a warm washcloth. Use brow scissors to trim the ends of long hairs, if necessary. Moisturize the area with facial moisturizer.

These were the easy steps to shape eyebrows. Always ensure using a sharp razor and moving the blades parallel to the skin so as to avoid cuts. So when are you next trying the eyebrow shapers. These are easy to use and allow you to work with them at the comfort of home, without any frequent trips to salon. I find these like real time savers.

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