How To Use Ghee In Your Beauty Regime



How To Use Ghee In Your Beauty Regime

Ghee, the traditional Indian butter in great for health and falls under healthy, essential fats that one should definitely consume. Other butters increase unhealthy cholesterol levels, while ghee lowers the unhealthy cholesterol levels. It is rich in vitamins A, D, K2, E and anti-oxidants.

Ghee is often misunderstood for increasing weight, but instead it is full of fatty acids that are absorbed directly by our body and burnt to produce energy. If you consume ghee in controlled small portions, it will help you lose weight.

But this is not it, ghee is also great for beauty, please take note that I am here talking about non processed, home prepared ghee, not the ones which are sold commercially and are heavily processed.

Ghee locks moisture in your skin, and prevent it from getting dry & imparts glow. It also is beneficial in curing chapped lips. It is a rare known fact that ghee also reduces dark circles when applied daily before going to bed. It also is used in hair treatment for coarse dry hair including split ends. Ghee is like a power packed food that not only is beneficial when consumed orally but is also great when applied topically.


ghee for beauty routine


Despite of so many benefits of ghee, people really find it hard to use it in their regular routines, to tell you all about how you can use ghee in your beauty regime, I am here to share few bits with you.

Dig in to know.

Ghee For Eyes: Apply ghee all over lids and under eyes, daily just before going to bed. Alternatively you can apply ghee just before shower and leave it on for 20 minutes. This will make your skin around eyes brighter, supple, soft and will treat dark circles the eyes every single day

Ghee For Glowing Skin: Mix ghee and milk in equal proportions and add besan/chickpea flour to make a pack of creamy consistency. Apply it to your face and let it dry for 20 minutes then wash off your face with cold water. This will make your skin incredibly soft and glowing. You can apply the leftover mask to your ends as well and wash after an hour to reveal healthy, shiny hair.

Ghee For Eczema: Eczema is a skin condition in which the skin becomes red and inflamed accompanied with itching and irritation. Massaging the affected area with ghee just before bath will immensely help in controlling the redness & inflammation and heal the condition.

Ghee For Healthy Hair: Ghee is great in treating split ends, deep condition, boosting hair growth and make them healthy. Warm the ghee slightly and apply to the ends of the hair, wait for an hour before shampooing and conditioning the hair to treat split ends. You can apply hair to scalp to promote hair growth, though this may prove to be quite an expensive treatment but its way better than those chemical laden treatments.

Ghee For Dry Skin: Ghee works very effectively for treating dry skins. Just warm up little ghee in a pan and massage your whole body with it before bath. Do this regularly, especially during winters. This will make your skin will be smooth, soft and supple.

Ghee For Chapped & Dark Lips: Massage lips with ghee to prevent and treat chapped lips. Massaging the lips with ghee also prevents dark lips and lightens the already dark lips.

So ladies, do not just ghee in cooking and give this wonder kitchen ingredient a chance in your beauty regime, and see your skin and hair become more beautiful.

Do you use ghee in your beauty routine?

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  1. Back in school my friends used ghee for treating chapped lips, and their lips were pink! For every little thing they will run for ghee 🙂
    If not for the smell, I would have consumed ghee happily, just can’t stand the smell and taste! 🙂 till now my mom makes ghee herself. Got so many thrashing and scolding from my Dad for not eating ghee :-d

  2. I also make ghee myself ..i mean get it made by my helper..Tastes is way different than the market one i like the homemade one more ..I just loveeee makhaan ..i can have loads and loads of it .:D

    Ghee is my weakness..i avoided it for years but now when i have included it back in my diet i am quite happy thinking about it 🙂

    Thanks for the post Ritika 🙂

  3. great post Ritika…I remember my grandmother used to apply ghee on my naval area to treat my cracked lips during the winters! have tried using ghee on hair and loved the after effects. But it is certainly very eeky for a while!

    I love ghee and love the taste and its aroma..! I consume ghee on a regular basis but only 1/2 teaspoon in my big bowl of dal!


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