How To Use Glycerin On Hair


How To Use Glycerin On Hair

Glycerin is one of the important ingredients which finds its place in many beauty and hair care products. We have known so many DIYs using Glycerin which are used to moisturize the skin in a naturally effective way. The best thing about glycerin is that it does not has any particular fragrance or cause any irritation on sensitive skin. It is soothing and can be used in combination with various substances due to its high solubility with water.

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Until now we have known various methods which use Glycerin for beautifying the skin and has been effective for many people. So now we are going to learn some interesting uses of glycerin when used in hair care!

Well, it is not a very common practice that one uses glycerin for hair care but only a few people are aware that Glycerin works best and almost the same way as it does for the skin. Just as glycerin is used to give a boost of hydration for the dry and dull skin, in the same way glycerin is used for the dry scalp to give the boost of moisturization of the scalp and nourish it deeply.


Here I will be talking about simple ways in which one can use glycerin for taking care of the mane without undergoing the costly hair spa methods which usually use chemical treatments for hair care!

As a Deep Conditioner-

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Glycerin can be used along with water as a deep conditioner which will give the smooth and moisture to dry and frizzy scalp. This deep conditioning treatment ensures that the dry hair ends get ample nourishment and the hair is manageable.

As a Leave In treatment-

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If you have too frizzy and lifeless hair which are brittle and rough, a leave in treatment using glycerine will be the best to tame the tresses and give an intensive boost of nourishment which keeps the locks under control and also make them smooth thereby reducing the roughness!

For Reducing Split Ends-

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Split ends in your hair are probably one of the most common hair concerns as it makes the hair look unhealthy. The effective way to keep a check on the split ends is regular trimming. Also if you are using glycerin as a hair mask once in a week, there are chances that your split ends will considerably reduce.

For Hair Styling-

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A lot of you might have used chemical based sprays for hair styling which turn out to make the hair hard and require lot of shampoo and deep conditioning treatment to rinse out the hair styling product from the hair. In place of a chemical spray, use glycerin for effective styling of the mane! It ensures the necessary moisturization along with making the hair manageable for any type of hair styling!

Used as a Last Rinse-

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Glycerin is also used as an effective rinsing agent for the hair. You just have to follow the regular shampoo & conditioning routine and after the thorough hair wash, take a small amount of glycerin in the last mug of water and rinse the hair. Do not wash your hair further! This will make your hair soft, smooth and healthier.

So this was all about glycerin and its awesome uses for hair care! I hope you liked these simple and easy to do tips for taking care of your hair with glycerin! 🙂

Have you tried using glycerin for hair care?

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