How To Use Golden Pigments On Models


How To Use Golden Pigments On Models

Pigments are probably the most versatile of all the makeup products. These are basically loose powdered colours that can be used for varied purposes, like as an eyeshadow or blush or may be you can use it as an eyeliner or even nail polish. Pigments can either enhance your look, if used correctly or ruin it completely. It can be use either dry or applied wet. The eyeshadows that we use are basically pigments that are held together using a binder.

How to use gold pigments on models

Gold pigments always add that royal touch or that extra special touch to your look. Just a brush of the gold dust and you change your entire look in a matter of moments.

Gold for the eyes

gold for the eyes

To create a subtle look, so that the focus can be on the on the dress or on the hairdo of the model, the make up artist can may be use a simple dab of gold dust on the upper lid and then blend it in well. It can either be used only on the upper lid, or using a more flat tipped brush the pigments can also be applied below the lower lash line as well. Or sometime it is used only in the inner crease, where it has to be blended outwards from the inner corner of the eyes. Gold pigments when used with black in a smoke eye look, can actually create a striking look. For gold and black combination is always a show stealer.

Another classic way to use gold pigments for eye makeup on models is using it as an eyeliner to create bold wings. It is mixed with a mixing medium and then using a liner brush, (the thickness of depends on how thick or thin the artist wants the line the line to be) wings are created. Sometimes a bold metallic winged eye is enough to go with an outfit.

It is also used as mascara at times. Where a clear mascara brush with mascara on it is dipped in golden pigments to give that metallic shine to the lashes.

For the Lips

golden pigments for lips

Gold pigments can often be  seen used on lips as well. First some transparent gloss is applied on the lips and then a golden pigment dipped brush is used to colour the lips. This is great when trying to create a bold metallic look for an outfit, where a lot of bronzer has been used, and the features are contoured rather sharply. Sometime models can also be seen with either the upper lip or the lower lip coloured using the golden pigment.

For the Face


Golden pigments are often seen being used on the face of the models as well. It is either used as a bronzer for contouring purposes( which is the most popular use), or else sometimes even designs are drawn on the face using golden pigments. This of course depends on what sort of look the designer is looking for. This is like a temporary face tattoo.


gold pigment for hair

Golden pigment is the most versatile pigment of all. Cause its use can be extended beyond just the face, eyes and the body. And the make up artist is often seen taking full advantage of its this versatility. To create complete metallic look, often the pigment is used to colour their hair as well.

Golden being a versatile colour, can be used in varied ways on models. From soft subtle to sharp, bold looks anything can be created using this colour. No wonder the use of golden pigments is so popular on the ramp.

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