How To Use Hair Mask

Recently i ordered Matrix Hair Mask …I’m confused How to Use hair mask as i never applied them…
Do we need to wash hair before applying it???? or we use directly ….
whether on wet / towel dry/ or dry hair?????????????????? :-\
and after using hair mask we wash hair with shampoo or with just water????????? :-\
Please help!
how to use hair mask


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  1. If it is Matrix, then this is the best way to go about it. I have the Age Rejuvenating Intensive Masque and I use it like this (according to my salon).

    1. Dampen Hair.
    2. Depending on mask, apply first on scalp, using a henna brush to go through the hair, one section at a time.
    3. after the scalp and lower part of hair is done, use some more on the hair itself.
    4. Keep for some time. Around 40-50 minutes minimum (or according to instructions).
    5. Wash off. Do not shampoo if it is Matrix as it will be lathering up mostly.
    6. let your hair dry and see.

  2. I use the Sunsilk Kerationology Advanced Reconstruction Hair Spa Mask (wow thats one long name!)…Gals, if you have dry hair, go for this mask. Absolutely recommend it. I shampoo my hair, rinse out the excess water and apply the mask along the length and the ends. Leave it on for about 10 mins for all the goodness to sink in and then wash it off for silky smooth hair that smells great!….

  3. Many a times I add aloe vera gel with my spa cream, in that way my hair doesnot become limp, and more healthy! me apply it to the scalp then to hair and massage for 7-10 minutes, then I use a hair steamer, and wash it off after 15 minutes!

  4. I don’t use any hair mask except the herbal ones or home made ones on the scalp!!! they make the hair flat on my scalp and also clogs the follicles.

  5. This is what I do…
    a. Wash hair, dont condition it
    b. Apply the hair mask on wet hair (not scalp)
    c. Dip a turkey towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess and wrap it around the head. Keep this on for 15-20 mins
    d. Rinse hair. Its important that the entire product is removed from the hair
    e. Air dry, if possible. Dont rub wet hair between your hands/towel, this causes the hair to break

  6. use my TBS hair butter like so –
    after shampoo+rinse hair, apply to hair length, avoiding roots
    leave on for 15 minutes or at most 5 minutes when in shortage of time
    wash off
    For a salon perfect look, i blow dry my hair on cold blast, running my comb through my hair.This gives me that bounce and shine! Ad if I’m really in the mood, I also flat iron my hair ^.^
    Awesome hair at no cost! 😀

  7. i usually avoid the roots/scalp however gr8 and goodness-filled the mask claims to be.. applying1-2 inches away from the roots and leave it for an hour… and wash it off with shampoo & condtnr…sometimes skip the condtnr too… this way it doesn’t make my hair limp…

    applyinh thick masks to the roots can clog the follicles and cause some other issue too… like hairfall…

    • cn ny bdy suggest me da bst face wash n scrub..

      cn teenagers use nght cream.. n suggst me gud hair mask n hair pack..


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