How To Use Hair Oil Effectively For Gorgeous Hair


How To Use Hair Oil Effectively For Gorgeous Hair

If you want gorgeous looking locks with sheen then oiling your hair is one of the most important things. It is very necessary to oil your hair regularly because it gives proper nourishment to your hair.

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Having the right kind of oil for your hair is very important and so is oiling your hair but the important thing is how to use your hair oil effectively to get the gorgeous hair.

Follow these simple steps to use your hair oil effectively to gain the maximum benefits-

  • Wash your hair and let it air dry completely.
  • Grab a comb, shower cap, one bowl and essential oils like olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil.
  • Mix a tea spoon of olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil and heat it mildly.

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  • Now take this mixture of warm oils and use your fingers or cotton ball to gently massage the oil into your hair, and then work through with a comb.
  • After you have finished applying the oil, wrap your hair up in a shower cap and allow it to soak in for minimum thirty minutes or longer. Remember the longer you can leave the oil on your hair, the more effective it will be.
  • You can leave it over night also and then shampoo your hair to remove oil.
  • These natural oils moisturize your hair and gives your locks natural shine, they also nourish your scalp and reduce dry, flaky skin, help to get rid of dandruff and give you healthier hair growth.

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  • Coconut oil has high concentration of vitamin E and other nutrients that your hair can absorb them easily and result in thicker, shiner, healthier hair with stronger roots. This oil also contains lauric and capric acid that has antimicrobial powers that make your hair and scalp healthier and prevent infections.

Deep Nourishing Treatment

  • Olive oil gives deep moisturizing treatment to your hair that accelerates hair growth and softer smoother hair. Massaging your scalp with olive oil improves blood circulation.

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  • Argan oil contains lots of vitamin E, Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, and antioxidants that transform your damaged, dry, coarse or otherwise unmanageable hair into smooth, shiny locks.
  • Almond oil contains all kinds of healthy ingredients for hair like Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E and magnesium. Using almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair, and is optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair. A few drops go a long way to add silkiness and shine & nourish the scalp.


  • Castor oil has natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties and is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 beneficial fatty acids. Its unusually high ricinoleic acid ratio makes it beneficial hair.

Massage your scalp with oil give you immense benefit like:

  • Oiling your hair regularly will make a difference to the quality of your hair texture, say experts.

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  • Olive, jojoba, almond, argan or coconut oil infused with herbs that enhance its properties, can provide the scalp nutrition that helps in prevention of bacteria, dandruff, itchy flakes.
  • A nice head massage also promotes sleep and you wake up refreshed and raring to go the next day.
  • When you are oiling your hair, you should also apply a little to the ends.

So Hair oil is the basic need for your hair which has to be done properly.

Have you tried Oiling your hair in this way?

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