How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Acne


How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Acne

People irrespective age and gender are facing acne, pimples, blemishes and many such skin infections. However teenagers face this problem mostly due to hormonal changes taking place in the body. If proper care is taken at that age without popping pimples and using harsh products to get rid of them then later the problem may reduce. Yes, many teenagers do such things; they concentrate more on removing the zits and getting rid of them instead of reducing the sebum production due to lack of knowledge. Harsh products should also be not used since skin at that age usually fresh and sensitive. It is always advised to cure acne naturally but many face severe acne problems; those should be treated well to prevent its formation.


What Is Hydrogen peroxide and Why Is It Used To Treat Acne?

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent which is commonly used in bleach products. Even humans produce it as a part of immunity but in very small quantities. It is also heard that where hydrogen peroxide exists, white blood WBC (white blood cells) starts accumulating there. It is also produced by phagocytes to kill pathogens in the body. This is also included in many prescription medicines.

Why does it kill pathogens? Actually it kills every living thing it touches due to oxidation stress. It is also linked to ageing since it damages the mitochondria in the cells. That is why it is important to use it with precautions; use it until and unless it is required. So why do we use hydrogen peroxide to treat acne now? It is simple that it kills the growing bacteria on the skin preventing and curing it. If you are someone with severe acne problem and nothing seems to work for you then you should try using this. However once your skin shows improvement and acne disappears then switch to a better medication or just opt for natural ingredients to maintain your skin health but don’t continue using hydrogen peroxide.

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How to Use It?

  1. Purchase 3% hydrogen peroxide solution; the concentration can be less but not more since it will only harm.
  2. Clean your face like usual. Use a good makeup remover to remove every trace of it. Then remove dirt and cleanse your face well with a cleanser or use a face wash.
  3. Take a dry towel and pat your dry very gently; never rub it with towel. Let your skin dry completely.
  4. Now grab a clean cotton ball and dip in hydrogen peroxide solution; apply it gently over the affected area.
  5. You can also apply it all over face avoiding eye area to prevent future breakouts.
  6. Wait for 5 minutes so that your skin can absorb it well. The solution may bubble; so wait till it stops at least.
  7. Do not wash it. Just apply your regular moisturizer to face which is a must since hydrogen peroxide dries skin. So lock in some moisture to prevent excessive dryness. Use oil free moisturizer since it is not meant for you at all.
  8. If you have severe acne all over your face then use it twice or thrice a day else once a day will be sufficient. Never overdo it since it can result in adverse effects damaging your skin.
  9. be careful while using it; avoid applying on your eyebrows and hair line since hydrogen peroxide has bleaching property.
  10. Use only mild face wash for your face and avoid using those with loaded chemicals and harsh soaps.

I hope this post is helpful for those who suffer from severe acne issues. However, I would suggest to consult a skin specialist before trying anything on the sensitive skin!

Have you tried hydrogen peroxide for acne?

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