How To Use Lemon For Teeth Whitening


How To Use Lemon For Teeth Whitening

Who on earth does not what that sparkling pearly white smile? We all want it, right! At least I definitely want it.

Your teeth are the first thing that gets noticed when you interact and a yellow smile can ruin your first impression on  most occasions as it gives a person an impression about you not taking good care of yourself. I have seen many people concealing their teeth with a simple closed lips smile in pictures due to yellow teeth.

Yellow teeth are not always a reason of improper brushing, in fact there are few people who have a great teeth brushing routine but still have yellow teeth, this is because yellow teeth are often due to over consumption of caffeine and foods that stain your teeth, and sometimes it is due to genetic reasons. Yellow teeth due to genetic reasons can only be treated with medical help; however yellow teeth caused due to other reasons have a variety of ways for treatment.

Whitening Products

You can always use whitening toothpaste, whitening plates, medical help and various home remedies. When we talk about home remedies, the most common and popular home remedy for teeth whitening is use of Lemon.

Teeth Whitening

You must have at sometime used lemon juice to get highlights in hair or have used it in skincare for brighter & clearer skin. Well we have used lemon for these only because of the bleaching properties of this acidic, citrus fruit. Just as skin & hair, Lemon is used for whitening teeth due to its bleaching effect and it in a way helps get rid of stains.

Now that I have told you what makes lemon popular for teeth whitening. Let me share with you all how to use lemon for teeth whitening. Lemon in teeth whitening is majorly used in two popular ways, one way is for milder stained, yellow teeth while the other way is for more stubborn stained teeth.

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Hot To Use Lemon For Teeth Whitening:

  • Lemon Peel

Rub Lemon Peel

This method is quite an easy method and does not call for any preparation. For this method all you need a lemon peel. We use lemon almost daily in our pantry, so the next time when you have used a lemon, do not through the squeezed lemon peel, rather make the most of it.

Simply rub the inner side of the lemon peel against your teeth in a gentle manner for few minutes and then follow up with a thorough mouth rinse. This method can be used for mild stains and yellow teeth.

  • Lemon Juice & Baking Soda

Lemon Juice and Bakiing Soda

This too is an easy method but involves just a bit of preparation. In this method you need 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and some baking soda. Mix the two ingredients together to form a paste, you can alter the quantities to make the paste of desired consistency. Now brush your teeth with your tooth brush using this paste. Be gentle while brushing and do not be overly aggressive. Also ensure not to swallow this baking soda paste. This method is more popular for whitening teeth with stubborn stains and yellowness.

Word Of Caution:

Since, lemon is acidic in nature and baking soda is abrasive. Use of both the above methods should be kept limited and they should not be followed on a regular day basis or else you may simply get your tooth enamel damaged.
Using these methods once a week in a gentle manner is considered safe.

Apart from good brushing habit, you must always rinse your mouth after every meal or snack to avoid staining and keep away from aerated drinks and caffeine to keep your teeth white. Do not miss to see your dentist once in a six month period for better teeth care.

What are your ways to keep your teeth white and have that sparkling smile?

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  1. I heard a lot about lemon and baking soda but never tried before. I have friend who has dark gums. She says that only the front part is dark and its not genetic. She used to has red gums before it seems. Is there any remedy to whiten gums?

    • She needs to check on her food habits… Also advice her to check with her dentist soon, gums turning black may be sign of a new trouble!

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