How to Use Lemon Mask for Hair


How to Use Lemon Mask for Hair

Hello Beauties,

All of us want to flaunt thick lustrous hair, don’t we? But good hair needs good care and what better than using all natural ingredients for our hair care regimen? I swear, all the chemical infused artificial products together can not help you achieve those desirable locks that you so crave but natural ingredients can. Nature has made us self-sufficient to cope up with all the problems that we have, all we need is the right knowledge!

If you are one of those who are undergoing the distress of dandruff and flaky scalp then lemons are the way to go! Make most of the lemony-goodness for your hair with these seriously awesome ways to use lemon for hair.

Benefits of Lemon for Hair:

Lemon is most beneficial for those with oily hair than those with dry hair. It helps in controlling the excessive sebum production on the scalp. It also has antiseptic properties which are required to fight bacteria and keep the dandruff at bay.

Lemon is very rich with citrus acid which is a type of alpha hydroxyl acid with many beauty benefits that helps in strengthening hair shaft and hair follicles.

Lemon is also a great source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps the hair keeping its natural elasticity thus preventing any breakage or any damage. Vitamin C never lets the harmful free radicals to prevent the hair from taking oxygen.

Lemon also has many antioxidants other than vitamin C that fight against free radicals and prevent degeneration of hair cells due to lack of oxygen.

Lemon Egg White Mask:

In addition to the benefits of lemon, your hair can grab the egg white benefits as well from this hair mask. In addition to vitamins and minerals, egg white consists of lysozyme as well.


These quantities are for shoulder length hair. If you have waist length hair, then consider adding 2-3 white eggs instead of one but do not increase the quantity of lemon since it may become too much for your scalp and burn it.

  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice


  • Grab the two ingredients and mix them together. Whisk it well for few minutes and your mask is ready.
  • Apply it evenly all over your scalp and hair and leave it for at least half an hour. Wrap your head with a hot towel or a shower cap to get the most out of it.
  • Do not let the mask dry completely since removing dried mask becomes difficult.
  • Wash your hair with a natural or mild shampoo. You need not use any conditioner again since the mask did the job for you. Avoid using hot water to rinse away your egg mask since it cooks the egg white on your hair which you do not want to happen.
  • If you don’t like egg mask due to its smell then you will observe with this mask that lemon masks its smell to greater extent. Rinse your hair thoroughly to get rid of that smell.

Lemon Olive Oil Mask:


If your hair quite dry and you don’t like to use egg for your hair then this mask will suit you. Do not increase the lemon juice quantity but based on your hair length, make changes to the quantities of the remaining ingredients.

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of water


  • Grab all the ingredients and mix them together.
  • Apply the mask all over the scalp and hair evenly.
  • Leave it for at least half an hour or an hour. Wrap with a hot towel or shower cap. Blow dry hair instead for some time to open your scalp pores but do not dry it.
  • Using a natural or mild shampoo wash your hair thoroughly. You can avoid the conditioner but if you want to, you can use it but make sure it is mild.

This is the simplest way to use lemon for hair by just mixing it up in your favorite oil but lemon egg white mask proves the best since it is quite rich in proteins.

Do you use lemon for hair care?

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