How To Use Loose Pigments As Nail Polish


A month back my maid disowned me and left me all alone for cleaning and dusting :D.It took a toll on my nails and since then they are trying to get in shape.Thankfully they are feeling better now and have started growing so I thought of showing you how to use pigments as nail polish.

It quite easy and fun to use pigments all you need are following things.

  • Loose pigments (I am using Faces loose pigments .I don’t think so I can use MAC pigments ever as nail polish :P)
  • A plate where you can mix the pigments
  • Transparent nail paint/top coat of any company.
  • A brush (you can use painting brush )


Faces Pigments/Faces Glitter For Nail Art

Mix the pigment with the transparent nail paint .One has to apply  the nail paint right after mixing it as it get dries easily and starts forming bubbles.


How to use glitter for nail art

This is how it looks.


How to use loose pigments for nail polish


and some nail art with a  nail art dotting tool.

How to use loose pigments as nail polish

  • You will require good amount of pigment in this otherwise it looks transparent.
  • First take out the pigments and then add top coat into it


I like using bronze and gold color nail paint in this as I am personally not fond of using blue.I will show you how bronze looks when used as  a nail paint some other time 🙂

Happy Friday 🙂

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  1. Ordered my FACE loose pigment last week from FnU, shall try this once I get my hands onto it 🙂

    But one small problem, how to clear the brush, as it has to go back into the clear coat bottle

  2. rashmi had told me that pigments can be used as nail paints 🙂 i loved the idea then…. the blue shade is good anu… but me thinks bronze will be stunning 🙂

  3. Oops, seems lost somewhere .. Never mind, even I am now eyeing on these stacks 😀 Hopefully I won’t use them only as nail paint :rotfl:


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