How To Use Loreal Hair Spa At Home & Get Dandruff Free Hair Loreal Cream Bath


How To Use Loreal Hair Spa At Home

If you all have been longing for healthy hair with shine and luster but want to refrain from going to those expensive spas and salons, you are reading the right post. One can check out the Hair Spa products from Loreal which are totally easy to use and the results are simply great.

Today, I am sharing with you the way to do the procedure at home without spending the huge sum of money at salons for a similar service. Do try it and find your hair breathe easy and that too without dandruff bothering you.

What do we need?

Nothing much, just the Loreal hair bath cream and scalp concentrate. Just mix 3-4 scoops of the bath cream and 1 bottle of scalp concentrate. You could also use two bottles of the concentrate, depending on your hair needs and length.

how to do loreal hair spa at home

How do we do it?

Well it is amazingly simple and easy to do. In fact you would wonder why the thought of going to a salon for this simple treatment ever crossed your mind.

To begin with, shampoo your hair as it would smoothen your hair and make application of the spa products easy. Now apply the mixture on your hair liberally leaving no strand untouched. After applying it is better if you give yourself a relaxing massage or even better if you have someone who could give you a massage to ensure the product reaches your hair completely. Keep it for 20 minutes on your hair at least. Some people however keep it for 40 minutes.

loreal hair spa india

You can also give yourself a hot towel for 10 minutes as well however it is a tough task during summers. In winters it would be still a boon and would definitely make your hair a great deal better.

Final Step

After 20 minutes, comb your hair as it would help you de-tangle your hair and also remove the excessive cream from your hair. After the wash you would definitely love your hair and want to go for it again and again to keep your hair nourished. Regular use would help you attain a relaxed scalp free of dandruff or any other problem on your hair. People with dry and dull hair can definitely go for this product. I would still say form an opinion only after you have tried it for two to three times as sometimes our hair need some bit of time to respond to a new product.

Many of my acquaintances have been using these products for quite a while and they have loved it more with every use. So what is the harm in trying it and forming an opinion for ourselves!

The product has got good reviews and with my usage of it, I am also a satisfied customer now who has been able to receive positive impact in the form of sheen and luster with no dandruff!

I have specially kept it for my summer usage as it takes care of the sebum production as well letting no oil clog the hair while I am out facing the dust and heat together.

Even during winters, it helps me keep my hair nourished and free of dandruff without me spending exorbitant amount at an expensive salon when I can do it all by myself! Do try this and share your reviews.

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