How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Online Beauty Consultation


How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Online Beauty Consultation

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Recently we learned about a new online beauty consultation platform with the name Lybrate. Well, this is certainly one of the most useful online services one can avail and can get huge benefits from it!

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There are so many beauty related concerns which are directly or indirectly related with our health and sometimes we tend to search for the answers at all wrong places! Take for instance, someone with oily skin and obese body is constantly struggling with severe acne issues and trying every possible skin treatment to treat the acne issues but all in vain! Why? Because sometimes it is not the oily skin which is causing the acne but various hormonal levels which trigger these sudden eruptions! Moreover if you are someone who is constantly under stress due to the excess weight then you are bound to have some acne every now and then!

Expert Advice

Now, how can we decide which specialist to visit in this case! Well, this is where a platform like Lybrate is extremely helpful where a panel of experts in their field take up your query and study it thoroughly to reach a conclusion! This is a reason why they take about 24-48 hours in reverting back with suitable suggestions and possible medications in case you have uploaded your reports as well!

Lybrate has also launched its user friendly mobile app for android and iphone users to enable them to reach out to the doctors in an easy way and also have a quick response!

There are so many benefits of having the app in your cellphone! The platform is accessible any time of the day except for emergencies! It deals with a range of health issues covering every aspect of the mental and biological well being of a person!

Healthy Eating During Winters

One Stop Platform

Then there are certain issues which many people are not very comfortable in discussing with the doctors and postpone their visit to the doctors. Well for those this is probably one of the most smart ways in which they can openly discuss anything with the doctor. They can also share relevant reports so that there is a follow up from the doctor’s end and you just have to get the prescribed medicines!

The lybrate mobile app is also useful in way as to it comes up with regular updates on the preventive measures, early diagnosis symptoms etc.  so that you can get a quick check up at the earliest and start treatment if there is any possibility of disease.

You can even share these tips and updates about a certain health issue with your close friends and family who might be suffering from the same disease and looking our for professional advice!

Lybrate has been really innovative as it can be used by a person who is residing in a remote area with not so developed health facilities. They can avail expert help through the talented panel of doctors!

Appropriate Charges

The charges of consultation is very appropriate and you can always upload your reports for a promise of better medication!

You can upload pictures of your skin or hair related issues like dry patches, severe acne, dark circles or hair thinning. excess hair fall and the doctor will respond accordingly after seeing the seriousness of your condition!

So, what are you guys waiting for download the Lybrate app today and make sure that you have a medical expert a tap away from you and whenever you are suffering from a fever or common cold cough, you can take advice from the doctor for free! 🙂

Have you tried the Lybrate Online consultation?

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