How To Use Makeup Wipes The Right Way


How To Use Makeup Wipes The Right Way

Make up wipes has become an essential part of our beauty stash. We use makeup wipes more often instead of regular face wash following water routine. We should be aware of the difference between Make up wipes and regular facial foaming wash. Makeup wipes do not require that additional step of rinsing with water though these wipes don’t clear thoroughly and leave behind a subtle portion of grime because we don’t rinse the residue left behind. Some make up wipes have high concentrations of solubilizers and surfactants that can leave your sensitive skin dry and irritated.


Face wipes comes handy when you are traveling or in rush, but you should not make it a substituted for your face wash because they cannot completely scrub or exfoliate.

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If you want to incorporate wipes into your daily routine then grab a super gentle, soothing, alcohol-free option. Always remember that Makeup wipes are not a substitute for thorough washing your face like your face wash routine, so your skin will need to be rinsed well with your regular face wash and water afterward.

Choose The Right Wipes

Most wipes are saturated with chemicals that easily remove makeup, but they can leave chemical residue on the skin and we used not in a proper way. Makeup wipes can smear makeup into the skin instead of removing the makeup particles completely.


Makeup wipes contain preservatives that make them safe from a freshness point of view, but sometimes these preservatives are not necessarily safe for your skin.

The active ingredients in makeup remover wipes are similar as our regular face wash. They both contain surfactants, solublizers and emulsifiers which dissolve makeup and remove dirt, oil and dead skin.

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If you are going to use makeup wipes, make sure to follow these simple rules-

  • Do not forget to rinse your face with water immediately after using a wipe. It helps in removing of all those drying, irritating ingredients that would generally be left behind.


  • Avoid using wipes particularly sensitive patches of skin like around your eye area and the lips area because it contains surfactants, solublizers, chemicals. Often times using makeup wipes,pulls and tugs at the gentle skin around the eyes and can cause swelling or dryness.

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  • For all those who have dry or combination skin, make sure to always apply moisturizer after using makeup wipe as it will keep your hydrated.
  • Always check ingredients before buying makeup wipes. Also check for formaldehyde-releasing chemicals used as preservatives. Always choose wipes which use phenoxyethanol.

Bottom line: It is an important point for everyone always take off your makeup properly. If you’re going to use makeup remover wipes, you must remember to rinse your face with a gentle cleanser and water afterwards every time.

Do you use makeup wipes in the right way?

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