How To Use Mehendi Oil And Where To Buy It From


How To Use Mehendi Oil And Where To Buy It From

Hello girls, how have you all been doing?

The wedding and festive is going to knock your pretty little doors in just a few months from now, and what could scream Indian-festive more than a pair of hands endorsed with intricately feminine patterns of henna?

There is thing about henna which makes me all the more excited about festivals and especially weddings yea, weddings think of dark stained mehndi designs on your hands and feet; isn’t it all too alluring?


So what do we do to get that darkest of the dark burgundy-dark brown stain from your mehndi the answer is mehndi oil. Read below to know further about it.

Why do we need mehndi oil?

Such a simple answer to such a simple question the natural acids present in henna leaves are non-soluble in water, and they need an oil base to give out their dye. And do not let the very word ACID make you cringe, its totally natural, would not harm the skin; its only purpose is to give out the desired dye effect that we need. So when henna leaves (powdered) are mixed with just wate you are not going to get the desired stain effect; whilst if you go the extra step (sort of mandatory) a rich, dark stain is what will welcome you at the end of the procedure.

Henna leaves contain hennotannic acid which helps release dyes; and high levels of monoterpene alcohols which ensure that the stains are rich.

How to use mehndi oil for mehndi application?

I know the heading sounds a bit tacky, after all what else can mehndi oil be used for if not mehndi but no, there’s so much more to mehndi and I’ll be discussing it later in this post.

So when preparing henna paste, the moment you see the terpenes releasing their rich burgundy-hued dyes, add in a little mehndi oil to ensure that the stain gets to a richer consistency and comes out aesthetically.

The basic measurements validated are 2-3.5ml of mehndi oil for every 10-12 grams of mehndi powder used. Quite simple, eh?

Mehndi oil as an essential oil

Yes, this is what I was taking about mehndi oil is considered as an essential oil with aesthetic properties and goodness. So how can yhou use this essential oil for your daily purposes?

  • Add a few drops of mehndi oil in your bath want that spa like freshness in the comfort of your own bath room? Try adding a couple drops of mehndi oil to your bath and relax in it. Want some more? Try lighting a few scented candles and throw in a couple of rose petals to your bath; then we’ll talk. 😉
  • Freshen up your room with diffusing the sweet smell of mehndi oil mehndi oil smells heavenly sweet that too in a good way nothing too overpowering, neither too mild to go unnoticeable. Use it as a room freshener and let it give the pricey fresheners a chase for their money.
  • Use it as a substitute for your regular aromatherapy oils if you are one of those who enjoys aromatherapy I mean seriously, who doesn’t try swapping your regular lavender and lemon grass or any other oils for this glorious little bottle hanging in your bathroom shelf. You’ll thank me for it.

  • Treat your flaky skin to a luxurious dab of mehndi oil

Iif your skin gets dry, itchy or flaky, mehndi oil is there to help you out as well. Mehndi oil has been shown to cure mild dryness and flaky skin; so if you suffer from the same give this oil a shot.

  • Mix some mehndi oil with your hair oil for a cool, refreshing effect applied by itself or mixed with any other carrier, a good massage with mehndi oil with get you all cooled down and worked up at the same time. What else can we ask for than a good boost of circulation without feeling sleepy?

Where to buy mehndi oil?

There are loads and loads of sellers at which sell 100% pure henna oil.

If you are not much of an online shopper, try your luck at typical Indian stores (the small, old shops), they generally stock such things.

Let me know how dark your mehndi stains the next time you apply it! 🙂

Do you like to use mehendi hair oil?

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