How To Use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Yogurt – Suggestions


Neha asks,

I have recently brought Nyx Jumbo pencil in yogurt, I use this just to highlight, after using it i feel a need to use eye shadows, but I haven’t used them till date.(Yes i am really new to the make up stuff ) So I would love it if you could guide me on how do i start off with using them, also which ones should i buy (I don’t want to invest in something expensive as I have no idea if i am going to like using it for a long time, if that makes any sense.)

Thank you once again for spending time and reading my quesition:)

how to use NYX jump pencil yogurt



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  1. Hi Neha..i also have Yogurt and Luv it! 🙂

    1. Other tan using it as a brow highlighter, u can use it as a base for eye make-up…
    2. It can be used on ur lower lashline which helps make ur eyes pop and luk brighter
    3. You can use it in the inner corners of ur eyes
    4. I also like mixing it with a black e/s to get that perfect silvery grey shade which can be used in a look as well..

    • i was trying a black n silver look and I realized I dint have the right kind of silver i envisioned…so i just tried it ainwain on the back of my hand and surprisingly it turned out well 🙂

  2. @zara & Anamika … Thank u soooooo Much 🙂 I’ll go to the faces store this weekend … 🙂 Also i’ll try the tips that you both have given … 🙂 I am generally scared to experiment with eyeshadows … So i just do like as minimum as possible .. 🙂

  3. hey !! yesterday every body was busy for some reason or the other…
    missed u too here..u, mals, mits and pradnyaa..all were busy since few days for one reason or the another.:(

  4. The makeup maestros have already told a few uses of it! I have a shade called strawberry milk , i also use it as a cheek, nose and cupid’s bow higlighter! It works great! dont use from tube directly rather rub it on your tip and with a light hand dab it on the areas you want to highlight!

    • i hav strawberry milk too! and i luv it to bits…ur so right tanvee, it works perfectly as a higlighter…and it has just the right amt of shine also…

  5. Hey.. what a qn…. I had the same query!! Just that I have Oyster which i solely picked coz it had purple/mauve tint!!! 😀
    My beautiful professionals….. got any suggestions?? ?:-) :-/

    • well Mals, Oyster is a luvly shade really..othe than using it as an e/s or an e/s u can also use it as a lipstick base or as a top -over for lippy to give it that mauve tint and shine. u can also use it as a blush..just make 3 small stripes on ur cheek from apples to the hairline and blend with fingers or’ll give a nice blush effect.

  6. Woweee Zee… thanks for the suggestions…. I (right away) tried the Lip thing and you are right… it does give a nice mauvish shine effect 😀 :love: Thankeee :makeup:
    Btw Zee… have you ordered from porkdaisy?? I soo wanna do a nyx haul 😀

    • hehe…glad it worked Mals! u can use it over another lippy also if u want just a nice tint of mauve instead of all out purple 🙂

      nopes..ive nevr ordered from porkdaisy…i cant order thru anythin which requires a credit card actually 🙂 but ive heard they r really gud…they follow up nicely too and r reputed for nyx products 🙂

  7. Neha..I have yogurt and its my fav in Jumbo pencils..wen u using only these and not eye can use it on the centre of your eyelids, ur brow bone, inner corners of eye (looks awesome) and on the cupid’s bow..:)


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