How To Use Onion Juice For Gray Hair Cure


How To Use Onion Juice For Gray Hair Cure

Nobody likes or wants to have gray hair! But hair turning gray is a natural phenomenon with a number of possible reasons, the most common reasons being stress, bad food habits & lifestyle, and genetic reasons. Gray hair reversal is not very easy and there are only a limited number of solutions to reverse gray hair.

Causes Of Grey Hair

Out of all the solutions for gray hair reversal, use of onion juice is very popular. Onion juice is rich in the enzyme catalase and has been used for centuries as a topical treatment and as a home remedy for gray hair. In fact long before when hair dyes were not invented, herbalists have been advising their patients to rub onions on to their scalps to cure gray hair.

Gray hair are a cause of build-up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles, which also is responsible for thinning of hair. Catalase enzyme neutralizes hydrogen peroxide and is capable of reversing gray hair.

So, this makes all the sense in explaining why onions or onion juice is considered as an effective natural remedy for reversing gray hair. But proper way of using onion juice for gray hair reversal, is still not known by many. To help you all know about the usage of onion juice for gray hair reversal, today I shall share with you all information regarding how to use onion juice for gray hair.


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How To Extract Onion Juice?

There are mainly three ways by which you can extract onion juice. They are:

  1. Juicer: This is the easiest and the most popular method, which involve minimum efforts. All you need to do is to simply cut the onion into two pieces, put them into a juicer and make onion juice. Any inexpensive juicer will work very well for this.
  2. Blender: This is yet another commonly followed method. Take any blender or food processor to roughly blend the onion, ensure not to finely blend the onion. Once you have the blended onion, strain the juice out of the blended onion.
  3. Grater: Just in case you do not have a juicer or blender, you can simply grate the onions. Peel the onion and cut into two halves. Now grate the onions and extract the juice with the help of a strainer.

How To Use Onion Juice?

Mere getting the onion juice is not enough but using the onion juice properly is of utmost importance. The first thing after getting the juice that you should do is to do an allergy patch test. Onion juice is very strong in nature, so doing a patch test is always recommended so as to avoid any allergic reaction or an adverse effect.

Onion Juice

Once you have the patch test is done without the discovery of any allergic reaction, you can follow to use the onion juice as a treatment.

Apply the onion juice daily to your scalp and message it in very gentle motions. The gentle massage stimulates the follicles of hair, and also allows maximum amount of juice absorption. Leave the juice for about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Your hair may become a little stiff by now, but that is how the hair becomes, so there is nothing to worry about. Wash with a mild shampoo after an hour, your hair now shall be normal and not stiff.

Overnight Treatment

Just in case you cannot stand the smell of onion, you can try using the juice in night. Sleep and wash your hair next morning. Storing onion juice for more than a day is not recommended; In fact using the juice instantly after extracting is considered best.

Remember that a gentle massage and good absorption of onion juice is the key to great results in gray hair reversal. Not only do the onions act as catalase. But they are also a very good source of Biotin, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Copper, Vitamin C, dietary fiber, Phosphorus, Potassium, Folate, and Vitamin B1. This not only helps in gray hair reversal but will also help in improving overall health of hair.

So when are you giving onion juice a chance in your hair care regime?

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  1. I used onion juice n saw myself my only grey hair getting brown…bt now I have noticed some small grey hair too…they were not before..or have changed to grey..idont it the onion juice that is making my hair grey??pls help..


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