How To Use Philips KeraShine HP8632/00 Essential Care Heated Styling Brush + Video


How To Use Philips KeraShine HP8632/00 Essential Care Heated Styling Brush + Video

Hello Everyone,

So I recently shared my latest heated styling brush from Philips which I am absolutely in love with these days. And there were a number of readers who asked me to actually do a video on how to obtain these loose soft curls with the help of this heated styling brush! Well, anything for my beloved readers and here I am with a video where I have shown how to correctly use these heated styling brush to get soft looks curls within no time.

philips kerashine styling tool

But before that some essential info about the product-

About Philips KeraShine HP8632/00 Essential Care Heated Styling Brush

Philips Styling brush allows you easily create soft waves while caring for your hair. Heated 45mm barrel with Keratin coating secures long lasting results, and retractable bristles guarantee safe application.

Philips Styling Brush Keratin Mid End HP863200 curler

If you love experimenting with your hair then this ‘Styling Brush Keratin Mid End-HP8632/00 by Philips is just for you. It has a compact and sleek design for easy handling. This styling brush also features a retractable bristle brush for easy curling.

Key Features-

  • Retractable bristles for safe hair release
  • Ionic care for shiny, frizz-free hair
  • Protective ceramic coating with Keratin infusion for better care of your hair
  • Two styling temperature settings depending on your hair type-Choose between 2 styling temperature settings of 160°C and 190°C to secure long lasting result, while minimizing risk of damage to your hair.

Philips curler India

Price– INR 2,595. I got it on discount from Flipkart.

How To Curl Hair with Philips KeraShine HP8632/00 Essential Care Heated Styling Brush

First of all brush your hair length to make sure that there is no tangles in them otherwise the curls wouldn’t come out be smooth. Apply heat protection spray on wet hair before drying it. Make sure your hair is completely dry before styling.

Secondly apply mousse on your hair taking some amount on the palm and then apply it with the help of a comb by making small sections of hair. This will help in holding your loose curls for a long time.

dont ever let anyone dull your sparkle

Now take a pointed tail comb and divide your hair such that the longest strands of hair remain and the rest of hair is tied together in a bun or clutch it as a top knot.

Now divide the hair in two equal parts on each sides. Further make 2 sections of hair on each side.

Start with brushing the section of hair with the heated styling brush and eventually roll it inwards. till the hair roots. One may roll the hair outwards also. It totally depends on personal choice.

Now roll each section of hair and let it fall loose as you rotate the cool tip of this heated styling brush, the bristles will retract inside releasing the curled hair easily.

kiehls lip gloss golden berry lip swatch

Similarly, as you finish the sections of hair, open up the top knot and make further partitions and sections of hair and roll them inwards in the same manner.

When the last section of hair is left make sure to roll it in such a way that it falls a little on the right side of your face to give a more finished natural look.

philips kershine styling brush

Complete the curling process with some curl holding spray covering your face with your hands.

So, you have the perfect soft loose curls of hair in less than 15 minutes you don’t need any other styling with these lovely curls in your hair locks.

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Checkout the detailed video as I have followed the step by step process for get these loose curls.

Have you tried Philips KeraShine HP8632/00 Essential Care Heated Styling Brush?

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  1. Hi payal!
    A hair mousse and a hairgel are two different texturizing products.
    While a hair mousse generally volumises the hair, hair gels are used for giving your hair the oh-so-sleek look, say a chic low pony tail. Try and imagine the spiked and shiny, gelled up hair boys adorned in the early 2000’s! Yes, that’s the look a hair gel gives! But you need to be really quick with styling hair using a hair gel because it tends to dry up rather quickly, and more often than not you would have to wet your hair a bit in order to style it. And yes it sometimes flakes after a couple of hours of applying.
    Whilst a hair mousse is something which can be (or should be) used by one and all. Depending in the length of your hair, use a tennis ball sized amount or a little extra, but always remember to apply in thin layers so as to not overtly weigh down your hair! It is very light weight and generally has a foamy texture. Just apply to damp hair and blow dry your locks for voluminous hair.
    And lastly hair sprays! After all the styling why should one not indulge in some hair spray to keep the styling intact! A hair spray holds your hairstyle in place for an extended period of time. And who doesn’t want that! Just make sure to shake the spray bottle well, spray from at least 10 inches away and cover your face with your hands while spraying.
    And you’re good to go! 🙂


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