How to use rose water for beautiful and healthy skin


Rose water has been given a prominent place in aromatherapy and spa treatment. It is one of those beauty product which is cost effective and is easily available in the market.

It is believed that it was the Egyptian who first discovered the important and various uses of rose water. It was used by timeless beauty Cleoptra too to seduce her lover Anthony.



In India we use rose water in most of the auspicious occasion because of its purity and soothing aroma .It is used in curing diseases as well .For instance -Few Drops of rose water in a lemonade can work wonder to a person who is suffering from a disturbed gastric problem.

Below are few uses of rose water in your everyday life to make your skin healthy

* You can mix rose water in any of powdered face packs to tone the skin and clear the blemishes.

* Use rose water after applying any face pack. This tones the skin and tightens the pores .It keeps the skin bacteria and germ free and add glow to the face.

* It is an great natural toner can be stored in the fridge in hot summers .Dabbing it over the face rejuvenates you up and tone your skin  too.

*You can combine it with different ingredients for different face packs according to your skin type.

* Those who have oily or acne prone skin can mix rose water with fuller earth(multani mitti) and few drops of lemon juice . Wash the pack off when it is dried .This packs act as a deep pore cleansing treatment.

*Sensitive skin-Those who suffer from rough and itchy skin even after using expensive product can try moisturizing their face with rose water, milk and honey .Add oatmeal  in the ingredients to form a paste and apply it on your face .Let it dry for a while and wash it off with water.

*Normal combination  skin-Those with normal skin can add rose water in any fruit based pack with some honey. This will make your skin healthy and will add natural glow to it.

* Store the rose water in the fridge and soak cotton balls in it. Keep the cotton balls on your eyes for 10 minutes to  diminish dark circles and  to sooth   tired and  puffy eyes.

You can make your own bottle of rose water at home too but it is a little time consuming process.

To make rose water -Boil rose petals in a container and distill the vapor in a clean sterilized bottle.

For a quicker solution keep a bottle handy with you and use this natural beauty product in your every day beauty regime.


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  1. i asked my sweetie to get this for me but he honestly dont ever go shopping and just asks people around him to do it for him. he's asking his sister to get it. unfortunately rose water aint pop in the philippines yet..

  2. Hi Anamika1 st time here..blown away with your space!! I love rose water..great in cooking and for visit me if you can

  3. I have been using rose water for so many years now and i totally agree with all that you have said. mostly i use it for toning my skin( infact this is the only toner i use), removing mkeup, as an ingredient in multani mitti and sandalwood face pack. I use mainly dabur gulabri though my favorite was Lambency one until they closed the company.. the blog if you like..I am needy like that)

  4. Hye Jagruti..Thanks for visitng my blog and appreciating it…Surely will visit your [email protected]–Buddy I am already following your blog and love the way you put up pics of latest weddingtrends..cheers.:)

  5. Anamika, I really love the clear distilled rose water and I hate the colored one as it stings my skin. Thanks for so many useful tips!!!!!!!!

  6. I use both of them but it is always advisable to use the clear distilled one beacuse of its purity:)Thanks for passing by Jomol:)


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