How To Use Sunscreen With Makeup During Daytime


How To Use Sunscreen With Makeup During Daytime

Many women tend to complain that makeup tends to create skin issues and that makeup application should be avoided for only special occasions! Well, this is a wrong notion among most women and it needs to be changed! Usually we see those who are not aware of some very important skin care basics seem to complain more for makeup making their skin problematic!

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Basics like proper moisturization and sun protection needs to be taken care of even if you are wearing makeup! You cannot completely rely on the SPF content of the makeup products like foundation or compact!


Protecting our skin against UV rays should be taken very seriously. Sunscreen is one of the most efficient ways to do this and we should use it without mistake. A broad spectrum sunscreen is essential even If your makeup products contain SPF. Here’s How To Use Sunscreen With Makeup During Daytime-

Under Makeup

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This is the basic step and should be followed daily. Apply a sunscreen after cleansing your skin and wait for about 20 minutes before using a moisturizer. Then apply makeup as usual. Your skin will stay protected for a couple of hours.

Reapplying Sunscreen over makeup

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As we know that a sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours for adequate protection, you need to be a little smart. If your skin is fairly clear, you can cover spots with a light concealer or BB cream. Applying makeup over such base is easy.

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Set with SPF

A great way to keep your face under layers of sunscreen is to use a makeup-setting spray with SPF. Spritz it on once you are done with makeup. Keep spraying it on your face every hour to stay protected all day. Your makeup will stay in place and will look fresh as well.

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Some spray-on sunscreens are also available in the market and they can be used in the same way.

Powder Up

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Mineral makeup has SPF so you can pick something from it. Powders with SPF can be applied over makeup throughout the day. You can also buy a compact with SPF. These things provide multiple benefits- coverage, sun-protection and keep your makeup in place.

Did you know about these sun protection tips with makeup?

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