How To Use Sunscreen With Makeup


By Sristy Sagar

How to use sunscreen with makeup


“Summer” as we think about this season, we start imagining high sweating, hot temperature and the most horrible thing “tanned skin and sunburn”. We all face lots of problem in summer and do lots of efforts to prevent our skin. We often see girls holding umbrella or covering their faces with the scarf to avoid tanning. But do you really think that these tricks can help you in facing summer’s problems. No, they cannot.


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We all love to wear makeup on our faces to look beautiful but why we always avoid using sunscreen under makeup. We think that sunscreen will not work under the makeup but it’s just a myth. To protect your skin, you have to use sunscreen. It doesn’t enhance your beauty but it protects your beauty.


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Let’s take a look on

How to apply sunscreen with makeup:

  • Cleansing: – the first thing you need is to cleanse your face. Use a mild cleanser according to your skin type and wash your face.
  • Applying sunscreen before makeup: – once you are done with your cleansing, take a bit amount of sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and apply it your face and neck. It would be better if you wait for a while before applying makeup. It prevents the effectiveness of sunscreen from decreasing. Use a blotting or tissue paper to remove extra sunscreen. Using large amount of sunscreen can lead your makeup sliding all over the face.
  • Use mineral makeup: – if you are going to stay in the sun for more than 15-20 minutes then mineral makeup with SPF can be your saviour. It will enhance your protection if used over a sunscreen.
  • Translucent powder for touch ups: – always carry a translucent powder in your purse and touch up throughout the day to maintain your protection from sun.


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  • Tinted compact with SPF: – you can also use a tinted compact for touch ups as a substitute of translucent powder. But avoid this tinted compact if you have a dark skin tone otherwise it will make you look darker.


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These were some tips to use sunscreen with makeup. Experts say that we should reapply the sunscreen after every 3 to 4 hours. Sunscreen stops working after a few hours and it is important to reapply it. Now you might be thinking that how you can apply the sunscreen over makeup as it can ruin your makeup. I also used to think that and skipped the reapplication of sunscreen and then regretted. But now I never forget to carry my sunscreen and reapply it. Here is the trick to reapply the sunscreen over the makeup.

Reapplication of sunscreen:

  • Use chemical sunscreen: – physical sunscreen is thick and prone to becoming a mess. If you use this over makeup, it just sits on your makeup and creates a white mess. Go for a chemical sunscreen, it easily mixes up with your makeup and won’t look weird on your face.
  • Rub in little circles: – take needed amount of sunscreen on your palm and dot the sunscreen all over the face, ears (don’t forget the tips of ears), neck and rub it in little circles. Of course we become more vigorous while rubbing in areas like neck. But rubbing the sunscreen in small circle would be best.
  • Stick sunscreen: – using stick sunscreen over the sunscreen can give a better result. Use it as a second layer of protection, mostly on the areas, which are more exposing to the sun like nose, tip or ears and cheeks.

Do try this and get the confidence to face the sun.

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  1. I was sitting and wondering how to use sunscreen with my everyday makeup and thankfully u did this post.. :* I have one question if my base has Spf but it is little so using it after my sunscreen wouldn’t affect the effectiveness of sunscreen, right?

  2. till date i was confused with what to apply before sunscreen or make up….this post is God sent i must say 😛

  3. Ye ye I have been following all the tips, 🙂 but only since a year 🙁 wish I was more vigilant before.. Nice post Sristy 🙂

  4. Hey can i apply my concealer directly over sunscreens?? I use neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen and scared of putting concealer on it. So i often skip using sunscreen under my eyes. Plz answer my question. Ur suggestion will be utmost valuable.


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