How To Use Turmeric On Face To Reduce Pigmentation


How To Use Turmeric On Face To Reduce Pigmentation

I remember my mom telling me to use turmeric with milk cream when I was super tanned due to the just after school tuition during high school and there was a wedding in the family! Well, it did work for me  and in 2-3 weeks I came back to my true complexion and was no more a roasted person, as my Dadi used to worriedly call me! 😉

home remedies for tanning

Well, after all these years now I still go back to using home-made recipes when it comes to naturally improving the skin tone, reducing pigmentation or getting rid of tanning! When it comes to my face, I usually don’t go for many creams because I have dealt with problematic skin in the past few years due to PCOS and I am in no way going to experiment with my clear skin!

turmeric face pack

Home-made recipes are also a priority because they don’t give you ugly allergies even if it doesn’t do much for your face! There are so many products which I have used once and due to the fear of bad breakouts, never used them again and eventually had to throw away! 🙁


So, here are some very easy ways to use Turmeric for reducing uneven skin tone, pigmentation or damage due to the sun! Check them out!

Turmeric with Yogurt To remove Skin Tanning-

It is a great and easy DIY you can do whenever you are going to wash your face! Just when you pat dry your skin take these two ingredients in small amounts, mix them and with a brush apply it evenly all over the face. You can rinse the face with warm water after 7-8 minutes or as the mixture starts to dry!

DIY-greek-yogurt-mask (1)

You will start seeing its effects in 1 week of using it daily! The lactic acid in yogurt tends to create a glowing effect and we all know how turmeric has been used since ancient times for a healthy glowing skin!

yogurt turmeric

You can use this DIY mask on the hands & legs also and see how well it works to remove skin tanning.

Turmeric with Honey to reduce Acne & dark spots-

Acne tends to be one of the most troublesome skin issues. Whenever there is an important event, the little devil shows up on your face and it gives a lot of stress making it even worse! A mixture of turmeric & honey is one best anti-bacterial ingredient you need to apply on the face to upset the acne!

hoeny for tan removal

Both of these ingredients along with milk make one of the most healthy drink for overall well being of the body intrinsically.


You can ideally mix milk, milk cream along with these two substances and see how your acne issues are solved!

Turmeric with Gram Flour for Instant Glow

I can vouch for this unique DIY. I store gram flour mixed with turmeric powder in an empty jar and whenever I have to shampoo my hair, I use this face mask before going in the shower.

gram flour

Make sure to squeeze few drops of lemon on the palm along with a tbsp of this mix. Apply on wet face and after few minutes start rubbing it off. Now go in the shower and wash your face.

lemon for tan removal

You can see a visible instant glow on the face when you out.


Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent it reduces the dark spots in the long run!

Well, I hope you find all these ways useful enough to try it for any of your skin issues!


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