How to use a tweezers


Nothing makes you appear more groomed than well-plucked eyebrows.


Doing your eyebrows at home regularly makes one always have the perfect eye brows or even if they are not perfect but at least one has clean look.But there are few points which has to be kept in mind while using tweezers.
The biggest blunder which is done by most is while using tweezers is that we tweeze too much.
*Below two tips can help you out while twee zing your brows:-
(i) The space between your brows should be little wider or equal to your eyes. To know where your brow should begin take an eye shadow brush or pencil and hold it parallel to the side of your nose. Where the brush meets the brow is the point where our brow should begin.
(ii) The best looking brows always have a slight arch and to find your arch hold the pencil brush parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of your eye. Where the brush touched the brow is the highest part of our brow.
* Always buy a quality tweezers. One tweezers last for years and therefore one should not hesitate in buying a good one.To read  Tweezlight professional lighted tweezers review click here
*Always tweeze in bright light and in front of a good mirror.
*Pluck one hair at a time and always pluck in the direction of the hair growth.
*Many people believe that brows should never be tweezed from above. This is completely a myth.
*Be patient while plucking your brows and stop regularly to check back whether you are going in the right direction.
Remember if you over pluck your brows then you will be stuck as it take month in growing back the brows which are once plucked out.
*Apply aloe vera gel once you are done plucking your brows. This will give instant relief from redness and pain.
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  1. I can't live without tweezers. Follow all the tips just don't get aloe vera easily so I apply astringent or toner…:)

  2. I have lot of aloevera in my buliding but whenever i go for it..gatekeeper wife says kuttu aatu paatu which I dont understand I get it for myself..:D


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