How To Use Wheatgrass For Skin Care- Two packs


How to use Wheatgrass for Skin care- Two packs

Wheatgrass is a natural herb which can definitely help you have a good way to care for your skin and hair. It is being used by people since ages and have seen its benefits. It is promoted in Ayurveda and Naturopathy wherein it is a very widely used herb. The benefits are very nice and I have already shared one post on it on the blog.

Today, I am going to share two methods to apply those packs. I was introduced to this pack by my father. You would not believe but the sniff is so strong that you would smell it once and feel dizzy like I did. It is very strong.

Wheatgrass is gaining popularity these days. It is very good for skin to take care of it from harmful bacteria. The affect of the pack would make you forget about its bad smell.

benefits of wheatgrass

First way is to mix 1 spoon of wheatgrass to honey. Mix it together and add more honey if required. You would not regret using it as it is rich in anti-oxidants, and minerals which are good for the skin. It is good for those specially who suffer from acne on a regular basis.

If you can take wheatgrass on an empty stomach with warm water, it can actually help you get rid of a bad metabolism and help in digestion.

how to make juice+wheatgrass

Coming back to the pack, once you get desired consistency, apply this pack and keep it for drying. Now take a soft cloth and wet it and put it in the microwave for some time. During winters I would heat it for 60 seconds but now as it is summers, 30 seconds is enough. You could also wash it with warm water but this wash cloth method is quicker and better.

The second method is to use 2 teaspoons of wheatgrass powder, a pinch of turmeric and milk. You can use any kind of milk raw or boiled. I used regular cow milk. Now make a paste out of it which would be a bit thick than the previous one. You can here again make the pack consistent as per your preference.

Now apply the pack and let it dry. Using the same way as earlier, I would again use a soft cloth to remove it. This pack is known to be renowned and promoted by Patanjali as well. They have also put it on their packaging for the wheatgrass bottle. You can check it out on the bottle.

get rid of acne wheat grass mask

So I am sure you would agree both the packs are easy to prepare and easy to use as well as remove.

I hope you liked these methods to keep your skin acne free. It is an age old product to be used which means that there is something very good about it which should be tried for sure. The product is readily available in the market. I used Patanjali made product as it seems good and people are using it which is the real review for me always.

If you think there is an even better method to use this please do share with us. I am always keen on learning such new techniques which are beneficial specially when they are tried and tested.

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