How To Wash Face The Right Way


How To Wash Face The Right Way

Our face means a lot to us. Besides being our identity, it is also what people remember us as. We often neglect it and do not care for it much which only comes in as repercussions like pimples, oily skin and dead skin. Sometimes pigmentation appears which also acts on our body and mind negatively.

How to clean our face effectively? Well we should take care of basic techniques and not ignore our face if we want the glow and shine to stay for long. Age depreciates the beauty but we aggravate the depreciation through our own negligence.

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Firstly you should be aware of what kind of face you have. Is it normal or oily or dry? Accordingly purchase your daily face wash. A very big no is to the use of Soaps for face. Soaps dry your face and make it dry. One must not purchase any face wash option. Always try and purchase as with experience one comes to know what kind of product suits you.

Wash your face at least twice, once in morning and then in evening. While washing be sure of rubbing your face gently enough, specially the eye and under- eye area, don’t rub it harshly as it is quite sensitive and rubbing harsh does not serve any purpose anyway.

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Exfoliation is good for your facial skin. Always go for an exfoliating scrub or face wash or even homemade exfoliation scrubs for better skin. Exfoliation takes care of dead skin and also helps pores from clogging.

After washing your face, do not rub a towel harshly on your face. Gently dab it on your face and remove the moisture with ease. Hastily rubbing the face with a towel makes it dry and skin is harmed. Also ensure that the towel is unused and fresh or at least not dirty. I personally prefer my own individual towel as it keeps me safe of bacteria.

Now is the time to use a toner. It helps prevent oily skin and takes care of excessive dryness. Always retain this skin purification by using a moisturizer. This would ensure your skin has its pH balanced restored. Additionally, it gives you a glow that stays with you longer.

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Do not use any moisturizer which does not suit your skin type. Always use the one which suits your skin and is otherwise gentle.

Also avoid touching your face again and again. Most of us are in the habit of touching our faces with dirty or unwashed hands at any time of the day which gives the risk of pores being clogged and this then gives rise to the problems of pimples and sores that spoil the skin and your look.

If you have applied makeup during the day, do not remove it using water immediately. Firstly use a makeup remover or a cleanser and then clean your face using the face wash. Post face wash, repeat the steps as aligned above for a complete clean.

Also, to keep your skin rejuvenated, go for facials regularly. You may choose to do it on your own with home based tricks as shared on the blog already.

I hope this will help you learn washing the face in the right way. Always follow these simple steps in your routine and this shall help keep your skin healthy for long.

Did you know these things about washing the face?

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