3 Simple Ways – How To Wash Your Body Properly


By Neha,

Don’t you love to stand under the shower after a long day outdoors and let all the tiredness grime away with water? With this we use many body showers , scrubs and soap so that the process becomes more refreshing and beautiful 🙂

I have been following some of the tips which can make bath and refreshing experience. They are simple and help in keeping skin healthy and soft

Avoid Soaps

Most of the soaps dry out skin as they are alkaline in nature.Shower gels suits most sensitive skin and gives  refreshing feel to the skin. Shower gel are fun to use  as they lather well and hardly takes any time. I personally like Body shop  shower gels which have ingredients that  keeps skin soft and smooth.

Body Shop Pink Fruit Grape Wine Shower Gel Review

Make Use of Loofah

Using a soft loofah helps in cleansing the skin without removing or taking away the moisture from the skin. Using harsh loofah robs the skin moisture and makes it more dry. After  getting out from the shower most people are in the habit of scrubbing themselves with a towel . This habit to take off the moisture from the body and all the effort gets wasted. .We should always gently pat ourself dry with a towel and ensure that our skin retains an essential amount of moisture by letting out body be slightly wet.

Body Shop Loofah Review

Applying Moisturiser

After drying the body apply good amount of moisturiser all over body as it acts as a thin film which helps in keeping the skin moisturised throughout the day. To keep the skin soft  one should not pick any moisturiser .Using a moisturiser which suits our skin type is a must.

Best Moisturiser 2011

These are small summer tricks to stay cool and soft this summer . Do you follow all of these?

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  1. avoid soaps 😯 😯 just few days ago i felt in love with Khadi soaps :-(( :-((

    Idea :lamp: :lamp: dimag ki batti jal gayi 😀 i will write a letter to khadi to manufacture Khadi body washes 😀 …

    • hahahahhaha what an great idea :lamp::lamp: sir g..

      using mild soaps is still better especially if they r from Lush and Khadi..what say ??;)

  2. hello.. 🙂 am sara..i am not feeling good these days..cos my hair is becoming thin day by days as i apllied straightening iron on my hair which didnt suit my hair.. 🙁 but i like having long hair..but my hair is upto shouldrs only… 😥 n curly…please help me out…by sayng tips vagayra…i will b helpful to u…


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