How To Wear A Bright Eye Liner In Different Ways


How To Wear A Bright Eye Liner In Different Ways

Hey girls!

We have all seen models & celebs sporting bright eyes with so many different colors. Neons are truly the new black today! From orange to blue to green, these colors look super cute & instantly brighten up your day! Today we take look at some of the ways to rock these bright eyeliners.

Double Cat Eyeliner:

Add some fun to your regular black liner & try a double cat eyeliner look. Make a simple cat eye with the black liner & layer it on with a bright colored eyeliner. This will really make your eyes pop & looks glamorous as well.


Go Heavy On Waterline:

Apply the bright colored liner on both your upper as well as lower lashline. This looks extremely gorgeous & adds definition to your eyes. A glittery neon hue would be the perfect choice for this look. Make sure that the liner covers your lashline completely & there are no left out spots.


Go Graphic!

Graphic lines are trending in a big way today! It makes you stand out in a crowd & adds a fun element to your eye makeup. You can either go with a thin line of pencil along your upper lashes or a bolder look with a heavy extended line of color on your eyes.


Half-Colored Lower Lashline:

This is another eyeliner trend which looks really pretty. Apply a thick stroke of bright colored eyeliner on your upper lashline. Then apply some kohl on your waterline & complement it with a half colored layer of the bright liner. Complete the look by applying mascara.


Classic Gold & Black:

Silver & Gold eyeliners can sometimes get a bit tricky to work with! However, you can make these work by applying a black liner first & then layering the color on top of it.  The classic black & gold is one such example & it looks very royal & elegant.


Highlight Your Eyes:

Bright eyeliners can also be used to highlight your eyes. For instance, a shiny silver eyeliner can appear too white when applied alone. But when you pair it with a smoky eye, it makes a statement & pulls all the focus to your eyes. In addition, you can also fill in the inner corners of your eyes with a bright liner to give an overall soft look to your eye makeup.


How do you like to wear a bright eyeliner?

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