How To Wear Baby Pink Lipsticks


How To Wear Baby Pink Lipsticks

Hello Everyone,

It is all sunny now and people love wearing pastels be it clothes, shoes or makeup! Well here I am talking about lip colors in vibrant pastel shades which are perfect for the bright sunny afternoons during the summers!

mac pink lemonade lips

While reviewing Colorbar & the recent Wet N Wild Lipsticks I go a chance to try some pale pink lipsticks which were beautiful in their own way but somehow it didn’t end u looking as flattering as the other lip shades. So the basic question with the pale pink r blue toned lip colors is that whatever be the skin tone, it always ends up washing out the skin tone in many ways which are not understandable.

So, here I have some suggestions for myself and all those who are sucker of baby pink/ or milky pink lip shades and want to wear them confidently without fearing about having a washed out complexion. 🙂

wet n wild v.i pink lipstick

I was initially clueless about how can one wear a lip shade which is bound to wash out their skin tone so I asked our very own Beauty Blogger Anamika and she gave this tip in her recent video that applying a lip primer beneath such a milky pink/ baby pink shade is one way to make it look a little suitable and balance out the sharp vibrant hue in the baby pink shade. This tip makes it more wearable. 🙂


Well, I also got to know some other tricks which will help you in wearing those lovely baby pink shades!

They are mentioned as under-

Conceal natural lip color

One of the main reasons that the milky and baby pink shades don’t look good are because the natural lip color is visible through the shade as it is very light. So applying a concealer will eventually hide the obvious lip color and the baby pink color will come out in it true form. This tip will surely help you in flaunting the best pale pink shades you have in your stash!

NYX Nude Pink lipswatch

Enhance the Complexion

Well, the tip is to use those makeup products which give you a subtle glow without making you look too made up as then the baby pink shade will be more suitable on your radiant skin. Well, never go in for a bronzed or tanned look if you intend to wear a baby pink color on the lips then there are all possible chances that you will end up with a washed out complexion due to the baby pink lip color.


Focus more on Eye Makeup

Well, another way to effortlessly wear the baby pink hue on the lips is to do a bold eye makeup focusing on the winged eyeliner look with a bold black shade as then the light baby pink lip color will perfectly compliment the dramatic look created by the winged eyeliner!

classic winged eyeliner

Apply, Blot & Apply again

Well, this is yet another trick to make the baby pink shade work on your skin tone. Just apply a layer of the pale pink lip color and with a blotting paper, bot the corners of the lips where the lip color accumulates. Now repeat with another coat of lipstick and you are done. It is a great tip for making your lip color stay longer. It will also prevent the baby pink pale lip color from further streaking.


Apply a white lip pencil

Well, this is another trick that most beauty experts swear by as white shade tends to optimize the opaque texture of pastel baby pink/ milk pink shades and make it more wearable.

I hope you liked these tricks which will eventually help in wearing a baby pink or pale milky pink lip color without any two minds!

Have you tried these tips to wear Baby Pink Lipsticks?

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