How To Wear Black Lipstick Without Looking Goth


How To Wear Black Lipstick Without Looking Goth

I am pretty obsessed with dark and unusual shades these days..I find them very attractive and was discussing this with Neha. We both then decided to do a look. So Neha turned into my canvas and I started doing what I love doing i.e MAKEUP..One can wear black lipstick without looking like a Goth.All one need is right makeup and attitude.I see so many foreign instagrammers and youtubers doing looks with black lipstick other than India. When I posted this look on my facebook page we did get lot of back lash and some of them called it Ugly too but I find this look pretty alluring ..There were some girls who liked it like anything .I am sure this trend is going to catch up in the coming years as it takes time for us Indians to accept things here ..

So if you are like me and love bold looks and new things then lets begin with the tutorial <3

How to wear Black Lipstick Without Looking Goth

black lipstick and highlighting

Prepare your face

This is the most important step. I applied toner and moisturiser on Neha’s face which was followed by face primer. Let it stay for a while meanwhile lets do the eyes.

black lipstick tutorial-prepare+prime face

Neha has hooded eyes therefore I defined her crease a bit with a light brown eyeshadow (Used Naked palette 1 for it)..Rememeber not to go very bold with the eye makeup as we do not want the look to be GOTH .

black lipstick tutorial -eyeshadow application

Applied very thin black eyeliner and winged it out ..Used Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Liquid Metal Eyeliner. It has little sparkling glitter in it which is not very loud but does enhance the look a bit.

black lipstick eyeliner application

brow bone highlighting-black lip look

After the eyeliner it was time to fill the brows for which I used Revlon brow fantasy dark brown .I went with the fuller brows. (Kind of obsessed with the trend right now).This was followed by mascara for which I used Colorbar Zoom and whoosh mascara.

Neha has amazing skin and I went with sheer foundation and concealer..She wanted me to use color corrector although I do think she didn’t need that as well. Still I used Kryolan color corrector under her eyes and blend it out with beauty blender. For foundation I used Maybelline fit me foundation shade Natural buff which was followed by baking..Those of you who don’t know what baking is can check out the video below.

foundation application-black lipstick look

black lipstick-curling lashes

mascara application -black lipstick look

black lipstick tutorial baking

For bronzing I used MAC bronzing powder matte bronze and for blush I used NYX Rose gold and for highlighting which I paid most attention.I used the gold shade from the UD palette..I love that shade as a highlighter..

black lipstick tutorial blush and highlighter

Last but not the least..For black lipstick I applied Chambor extreme wear transferproof lipstick 406

liquid lipstick base-black lipstick look

black lipstick tutorial base

and on top of it applied very creamy Sugar Cosmetics heavy duty kohl blackest black. Yet to review.

black lipstick look final

black lipstick look without having one

and thats about it.

If you want us to show any more makeup look then do let us know in the comment section.Would love to do it.



P.S – Just to let our readers know we have not edited these pics at all.


  1. Oh WOW ! Must say u did a splendid job Ana…. It takes a lot of courage to do this stuff but then, what is life without a little adventure… right…. Loved every bit of the look.


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