How To Wear Bronze Makeup


How To Wear Bronze Makeup

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I have always loved a well put together sun kissed look; after all not everyone is as lucky as to get a perfect sun-kissed looking subtle tan naturally, and that too in all the right places! In such cases, what else to turn back to for a sun-kissed look, if not makeup?

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Yup, just a slight change in your regular makeup can give you that gorgeous tan look you all have been yearning. All it takes is the right information plus the right tools, good makeup and the correct technique and you, my girl, are all set to get sun-kissed.

Choose a foundation in a shade darker than your skin tone

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The very basics to create a natural bronzed makeup look are to begin with a foundation in a shade or two darker than your actual skin tone. This technique helps your skin to complement the upcoming all-bronze makeup look. Women on the duskier side can go a shade darker, but not anymore as it may disrupt the final makeup look and make your skin look more dark.

Conceal only the redness and blemishes

Conceal only the required areas like the under eyes, any acne scars, redness or blemishes. Keep in mind to go light with the concealer in a bronze makeup look. You want to look naturally tan and not straight out of the salon consider this before caking up on too much of concealer.

Mattify the skin using a translucent powder

This step is as usual optional! Women with very oily skin, or those whose skin tends to get shiny at all the wrong places can, and should use a translucent powder to set their base makeup and prevent any further shine and oiliness on the skin. But women with dry skin can skip this additional step, it is totally up to you.

Apply a matt bronzer in a 3 shape

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There are two awesome tricks to play with bronzers! First, opt for a matte bronzer, always! It gives a much more natural finish than the shimmery ones plus it acts as a great contour. Second, always apply it in a 3 or double inverted c shape, using a fluffy powder blush. Start from the forehead, sweep the brush in an inverted c shape till your cheekbones; and from the cheekbones, swipe your brush in yet another inverted c shape till the jawline. Always remember to blend things out properly.

You can always add on a shimmery peach blush on the apples of your cheeks, but with a light hand.

Apply the same bronzer on the sides of your nose and on the neck

Using the same matte bronzer and fluffy brush, apply it to the sides of your nose as well as go a step further and add some color on your neck. You do not want your neck to look starkly different in contrast to your facial skin.

Feed some brown and bronze to the lids

Now that the face is done, head your attention towards the eyes. Give a wash of soft matte chocolate brown shadow on the entire lid, stopping on the crease. Now taking a vibrant bronze eye shadow, pat it on the centre of your eyelids and work some of it into the crease ever so gently. Do not go with a winged look as it may look too dramatic. You may or may not add a black eyeliner on the upper lash line; but if you do, remember to smudge it out a bit.

Apply a bronze kajal pencil on your waterline and smudge

Using an opaque, shimmery bronze eyeliner pencil or kajal or kohl pencil, smear some color into your waterline and blend it out softly towards the ending of your lower lashes. The smudged effect looks very natural and feminine. If you are not much into shadow applications, just a swipe of bronze kohl is good enough to bring the bronze effect to your eye makeup.

Apply a sheer gold gloss or any other muted, glossy lip color

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Coming to the bronzed makeup lip look, I would not advice you to use a bronze or coppery lip colors with frosty or any other finish, as it would make the entire look too-bronzy, and seriously clownish. We do not want that. Now that the entire face has been bronzed up, go nude on the lips or better add a dash of sheer gold lip gloss if going somewhere fancy. Glossy nude lips complement the entire bronze makeup look wonderfully.

Do you have any other tricks to wear bronze makeup?

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