How To Wear Brown Lipstick Shade


How To Wear Brown Lipstick Shade

Hello Beautiful Girls! Happy Weekend! Well, September has arrived and quickly we will find ourselves layered with winter clothes and our shelves loaded with body butter, lip balm & what not!

Talking about the Fall Makeup one thing I know for sure is that I am going to be trying more deeper shades this season and rely less on the pink and red lipsticks in my stash! Speaking or deeper shades, I mean to say brown, chestnut brown and many more distant cousins of the shade brown!

brown lipstick on olive skin tonesbrown lipstick on olive skin tones

Yesterday I felt like doing a similar subtle makeup and combined with brown lips. Turned out I quite liked the brown shade and so I thought to share my views on how to wear a Brown lipstick!

Choose the apt outfit color-

A black, blue or spring shades pink or green is not going to look so flattering if you are keen to wear a brown lipstick! Well, a yellow, peach, orange shades will look altogether good because of the warm undertones in the lipstick! A light color outfit will also focus more on your face and lips so try wearing the right color dress with a brown dress!

Pair with subtle Eye Makeup-

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner Brown eotd

Don’t go overboard with the eye makeup or make it too bright or edgy! Opt for a soft smoky look as that beautifully enhances the lips and makes the brown lipstick look fabulous! Preferably a black smoky eye is better thn any other color coded makeup!

Give a traditional Hint-

I have used a small back bindi with brown lipstick and love how beautiful it looks when put up together! A black bindi, kohl looks perfect with a brown lipstick shade!

brown lipstick look

Choose a Peach Blush-

A peach blush will suit the brown lipstick more than the coral or pink shades and so whenever you are wearing a brown lipstick, use a peach- earth toned blush shade to rock the brown lipstick!

Pair it with a Transparent Gloss-

street wear color rich smoky brown swatch

Another tip is to give a coat of a transparent gloss over the brown lipstick to give a more natural and fuller look to the put! This makes the makeup look very natural and fit for any occasion!

Best for Olive Skin Tones-

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick Shade Spice Brown Skin

A brown lipstick suits the olive Indian skin tones beautifully and they can easily pair a deep brown/ nude brown lipstick for their daily casual look!

Set the trends-

Well, you may spot so many women around who are still not over the pinks and the red lipstick shades! In the meanwhile you can opt for a brown lipstick and set the trend by making the minimal look extra-ordinarily beautiful!

Go Easy with makeup if you are fair-

Fair skin beautifies0 definitely need to know some don’ts for using a brown lipstick! Since their pale skin tone will make any lip color look quite evident, it is best to go easy on the overall makeup

Rock the 90’s Brown lips-

street wear rhythmic bronze lip swatch lipstick brown

Well, the makeup trends tend to repeat every once in a while and the brown lipstick trend is surely enticing! I am totally glued to it and looking forward to more such Fall-eccentric makeup looks using the brown lipstick! 🙂

Choose the Brown shade as per complexion-

Don’t go for a deep cocoa shade if you are fair! A light chestnut / caramel brown shade would be just perfect for you! For olive skin tones, opt for a deep brown hue and skip the light caramel shades as it may tend to wash out the darker skin tones!

Hope you like these tips to wear a brown lipstick and looking rocking!!

Are you too going to try the Brown lipstick trend this Fall?

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  1. Thanks honey! It’s little tricky to wear dark shades but deep olive skin tones can wear it easily..

    Hair checked out your blog.. It’s great !


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