How To Wear Burgundy Lipsticks This Fall


How To Wear Burgundy Lipsticks This Fall

Fall is the season to play with vivacious and bright colors. To me, it is the time of the year when you can happily sport all your favorite dark shades of lipsticks, and what can be better than a pair of perfect moist, velvety matte burgundy lips?

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Dark lips return every winter with an entirely new take on how it’s worn. So today I’ll be sharing some tips on how to flaunt bold burgundy lips this season.

  • The first step is to choose a shade that looks good on your skin tone. Choose your correct shade of burgundy lipstick first. There are different undertones, like pink, brown, blue, and red. So choose the shade that will look good on you and also make you comfortable.
  • After you decide on the shade, choose the texture that will look good on you. Matte, creamy or glossy. If you have small, thin lips then you should go for glossy lips. The glossiness will reflect light and give the appearance of fuller lips. If you have fuller pouts, go for matte or creamy textures. However you can play with your lip shape to some extent with lip pencils. I would for matte burgundy lips any day.

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  • When we test lipstick in the store, we often swatch it on the back of our hand. But most of the time, the color of our hand is different from the color of our face. So when we come back home and apply it on face, it may not look perfect and as flattering. So apply the shade on lips before finally buying it.


  • You should always smooth your canvas before going for dark bold lipsticks, especially if they re matte. Exfoliate your lips well and scrub off the dead, flaky skin. Apply a lip balm. Wait for 10 minutes and then remove the balm with a tissue paper.
  • Conceal any flaws around your lips. Perfect bold lips require a perfect canvas. Thus conceal any imperfections; it can be redness or any other discoloration around lips, etc. Use a bit of foundation or concealer around the outer edges of your lips to hide the flaws.
  • When applying on lips, don’t forget your lip liner. Run your liner in a matching shade along the perimeter of your lips to give them a borderline and then apply your lipstick with a lip brush. Blend the two well.

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  • Depending on the intensity of your red lips, you have options to play and experiment with eye makeup. The rule is same: Bold lips with neutral eyes or understated lips with dramatic eyes. To me, burgundy lipsticks look great when worn in a matte finish with the rest of your makeup minimal.
    If you choose to bold burgundy on your lips, then keep your eyes understated. Play with your eyeliner looks and choose neutral eye shadows. Wined liner, cat liner, fluttering lashes sans any eye makeup looks awesome when you have bold colors on lips.
  • Wear your confidence. It is the best makeup you could ever wear. Confidence is beautiful and it comes with success. But success comes only to those who are confident. So be confident, love yourself and the rest will fall into place.

The luxurious feel which you get after wearing bold burgundy on your lips is out of the world. So smack your lips in gorgeous bold shades this fall. Go Bold, Go Burgundy!!

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