How To Wear Emerald Green Dress And Makeup


 Sooooooo EMERALD GREEN is the hottest color this season!! Yea! Which is great as emerald and sea foam are the only greens I really love wearing. Although green is my favorite color.

Stylish and lavish, the lush jewel tone best illustrates lady-like chic. From dramatic day wear to more playful wear, the spring runways showcased countless green hues solidifying its cult status for the coming season.  Unlike last year’s orange, this classy shade is gorgeous for just about everyone regardless of complexion or hair color. Before you try this trend read the following tips and I’m sure they’ll help you:


How to wear Emerald Green Trend:-


  • Whether you go for an emerald coat or a dress or for chic emerald accessories, ensure to use the emerald color trend in relation to neutral shades like pink, peach, aubergine and rose. Avoid bright shades of red with emerald color trend as it can cause an unpleasant chromatic conflict.
  • Faux emerald jewels are another important trend of the year and you can wear it to give fresh twist on some of your favorite clothes, with either brightly colored gems or emerald green stoles and bags.
  • To stand out in the crowd with your emerald green outfit try wearing this awesome shade from head to toe. A dress, shorts worn out with a top, cropped trousers and a light shirt will look ideal in a single color, balanced with green accessories.
  • Emerald green with beige, white and light gray makes the best and coolest combination. For example, you can choose emerald green shorts and complement it with a breezy white blouse and skinny brown belt. You are sure to look very gorgeous, fresh and romantic. Your handbag can be beige or green too.


Emerand green trend


Makeup with Emerald Green:-


  • Light green eye shadow is a must-have to complete your emerald green outfit. And for the nails, you can pick between green, red or black.
  • In terms of beauty styles, it’s also trendy to use emerald green hair highlights as it looks really chic. But if you don’t want to spoil your natural hair color, you can just go for temporary dyes too.




Now that you have loads of ideas to carry this trend, you are sure to fall in love with the emerald green color and make this eye-catching jewel tone the leading option in your attire this season. Don’t resist your lure and be playful with emerald green!


So how are you planning to follow Emerald Green trend ?


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