How To Wear Eyeshadows For Beginners


How To Wear Eyeshadows For Beginners

Hello Everyone! Its been a while I wrote anything here! All those who follow me on Instagram must be aware of the new Eye Brushes launched by WiseShe and I have been occupied since then. Well, its a new day, new week of a new month so I had to start it with something that my you all will find useful. I am here to share my views on How To Wear Eyeshadows For Beginners. I have always been a sucker for makeup and look to recreate interesting looks and this time when I launched a set of eye brushes, I though I will also share some useful information about how all you makeup novices should try to start with eyeshadows and create amazing eye looks!


First thing first, we all have been at some point clueless about makeup basics and it is only practice which brings the best in all of us, including me! You should try to learn by trying again and again until you are perfect in it. So here I will start with basic steps as to how you should wear eyeshadows for a flawless eye makeup look. This post is for all those beginners who think they are not comfortable for eyemakeup looks and mostly opt for eyeliner for special occasions or rely on a professional makeup artist.

AVON eyeshadow green smokey eye

Prep & Prime Your Eyes

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer

You need to use an eye primer as the first product to start with for eye makeup. Apply an eye primer all over the crease area, corners and brow bone for better application of eyeshadows.

Concealer/ Eyeshadow base

concealer faces ultime pro eye swach

After priming your eyes, apply a concealer as per your skin tone. This will further hide the darkness around the eyes and your eye makeup look will come out to look amazing.


neutral eyeshadow palettes

As a beginner, I won’t recommend you to go ahead with bold shades like pink or blue because you need a flawless blending for such type of eyeshadows otherwise it looks terrible.


So, what you need is to stick to basic shades like a highlighter shade as per your skin tone, a matte shade of the nude/brown family, a matte black shade and a contour shade (like a bronzer for your complexion) to bring about a gradient in your eye look and make it look as natural as possible.

Right Eye Brushes


Picking the right shades of eyeshadows is not enough and you have to grab a decent set of eye brushes as well which picks up products nicely. These brushes should be easy to hold and also be easy to blend all the eyeshadow you will use on the eyes.

Eye Brushes

WISESHE Pro Eye Brushes

You need to have a small flat eyeshadow brush for applying the eyeshadow. You can have two flat shadow brushes one large and one small to perfectly apply the eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes.

A blending brush is a must. It is mainly a dome shaped brush which blends the  different shades perfectly.

Then comes a smudger brush which is great for blending the eyeshadow over the crease-area.

So now, you have everything you need. We can start with the brushes & eyeshadows.

How To Use Each Brush with Eyeshadows

Grab the eyeshadow palette, choose the lightest shade as per your skin tone and apply it with the small flat shadow brush on the inner corners and take it outwards. Apply more in the inner corner and just blend the shadow towards the outer corners.

eye makeup tutorial for navratri garba

After swiping the brush on the eyeshadow in the palette, just tap the brush lightly so that excess of eye shadow powder falls off before application on the eyes.

Use the same shade on the brow-bone for highlighting it well. A quick trick is that you can dampen your small flat brush to give a more evenly pigmented color on the inner corner & brown bone area.

Use the medium tone of eyeshadow from the palette and take the dome shaped blending brush to apply eyeshadow lightly over the crease area and blend it inwards from the crease area.

If you do not wish to go over-with eyeshadows on both eyes, apply a clear tape diagonally on both sides of the face  near the eyes.

Next step is to use the contour shadow from the palette and apply it from the outer corner to lightly blending towards the crease. Do not apply a pigmented layer of contour shadow as it won’t look evident if you go too dark with the contour shadow.

black lipstick tutorial -eyeshadow application

Now you can proceed to apply eyeshadow on the bottom eyelids. Take the medium tone of eyeshadow and apply it gently from the outer to the inner corner where you had applied the highlighter shade initially.

Now comes the last eyeshadow to apply on the eyes to complete the eye look. Apply the deepest matte brown or matte eyeshadow on the other corners of the eyes and lightly swipe on the upper lash line for a dramatic effect.

Final Steps

You should now curl your lashes for an appealing eye look and apply a mascara evenly on the eyes.


If you wish to go more dramatic, you can apply a liquid/gel eyeliner to add more definition to the eye look.

brown smokey eyes tutorial

The last step can be to wear false lashes if you have very sparse eyelashes. If you are blessed with dense lashes a volumizing mascara will be sufficient.


Well, this was all and your eye makeup is all done!

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Wash your eye brushes before use. Dry them properly.
  • Dust of excess product before applying on the eyes.
  • Use the blending brush with light hands and hold it lightly as a pen for thorough blending. Don’t swipe too deeply on the eyeshadows with your brushes. Apply a layer and if you feel it is light, you can apply further. Don’t go dark all at ones otherwise it will be hard to lighten the shadow and you will have no option other than to wipe it all. 🙁


I hope you like these easy and detailed steps on How to Wear Eyeshadows for beginners. So what are you all waiting for? Grab your eye brushes and eyeshadow palette and start creating something! 🙂


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