How To Wear Fuchsia Lipstick & Fuchsia Lipstick Shades


How To Wear Fuchsia Lipstick

Wow! You look awesome! your face looks so deeply brightened and you are just too gorgeous! So these are the compliments one hopes for when wearing something different from the league! Wearing a bright lipstick is one such time for sure.

Priyanka chopra fuchsia lipstick shades

People are not even aware of the exact change as it has the power to impact your entire appearance. Wearing a lipstick like fuchsia is like adding life to your face and make it appear vibrant specially during hot summer days. It is pretty similar to what we love plum shade during winters for though yes, balancing our makeup on eyes and cheeks does matter.

lipstick fuchsia
Also, one should not be ignorant of the fact that all colors do not suit all skin tones. One must try out swatches before plunging on a particular color. I mean that is the whole reason behind all stores believing in keeping testers!!

We cannot be doing injustice to ourselves by doing something like this to ourselves. We have been gifted with different complexions which definitely need different treatments. If we have a warmer skin tone, we shouldn’t use cooler colors to enhance our looks specially on the lips. So if fuchsia color is not suiting you, I am sure a deep red or maroon or orange would suit you.

Prime Lips well

To wear it, we all need to know how to wear it and with a color like fuchsia, we need to manage and prepare our lips for a better finesse. Brighter colors are known to bring out the creases or any other flaws out so it is better to use them with an extra step of applying a lip balm or a concealer. It would also help in increasing the durability of the color on your lips. Do try it!

 Lipstick Glamour Fuchsia swatch

Regarding your other parts of the face, eyes and cheeks, it is necessary to balance it with the lip color. So putting a dark color on the eyes or a non-compatible color on your cheeks would steal the show from the lips. It has to be the show stopper so one needs to dress amicably. One has to be sure about the color suitability before the color is applied. If not, it is perfectly okay as there are more colors which do not suit others.

It goes true for the clothes as well. If you think your clothes are perfectly going with your bright fuchsia lipstick then only go for it. Neutral colors like black and white are obvious choices but the major decision lies in choosing differently colored clothes.

It is always advised that one should scrub the lips a bit as these bright colors like fuchsia bring about a good shape and finish if the lips is free of any flaws. While applying one must also take care of using a lip balm as I said. Also, applying the lipstick with a brush always helps as it gives a proper finesse and makes you appear better with a completely spread lipstick. To keep a matte look which is in trend, as previously mentioned on the blog by so many authors here, always dab some powder on your lips once you apply the lipstick.

Some of my favourite Fuchsia lipstick shades are-

MAC Show Orchid Lipstick shade – This one is a cool toned Fuchsia lipstick shade with a tad bit of purple sheen in it and amplified finish makes it one of the most loved Fuchsia lip shade.

Fuchsia lipstick shades for dark skin

CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick 425 Bombshell Pink

This is a flattering fuchsia pink shade for lighter to medium skin tone.Deeper skin tone will it easy to pull it off.I adore how this shade brightens up the face without looking OTT.

fuchsia lipstick covergirl

Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Perfect Pout Lip Color Fuchsianista A039

This is a deep pink shade with dominant pink hue. It has a bit of red tone to it as well and its definitely one of my fave. The shade is highly pigmented and leaves the stain even after it fades completely.

fuchsia lipstick video

I hope you find this post convincing enough to give you one more reason to wear fuchsia color. It sure is a trending color and is in fashion since a long time now.

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