How To Wear Gold Toned Makeup?


How To Wear Gold Toned Makeup?

Gold makeup is something very elegant and royal. It makes you stand out and look pretty. Gold toned makeup is just so different from other looks and specially for the Indian skin tones, it is the best match. One bit of caution while doing makeup, specially gold makeup is that we should remember that it should not be overboard as it looks weird and makes one look too bad.

MAC golden olive pigment eye makeup+green gold pigment eye makeup

Excessive gold makeup looks weird unless it is for some costume party or some calendar shoots which is usually professional and suited to the models associated.

golden brown indian eyes eye makeup tutorial+simple golden eye makeup

To have a good sense to do makeup is awesome but with gold makeup one actually needs to be precarious as a little here and there could cost you your look and mood dearly.

Traditional black gold eyemakeup

Gold Eye Makeup

First in line is the eye. For eye makeup, we already know how much caution we use while applying our normal eye shadow. For gold makeup, you first need to decide on the amount and nature of eye shadow you want. If you are looking at a dense makeup, experts say that you must deploy a flat brush for the purpose as it would pick decent quantity of the shadow and make your eyes appear dipped with gold. On the other hand, a brush with fluffy bristles would pock lesser color and help you appear sensibly gold eyed as you would prefer.

Indian bridal makeup look

Also, please ensure you want to use entire gold on your eyes. You can also use it with combination of black to create a contrast may be in compatibility to your attire. I have seen some pictures on the net with exquisite eye makeup using two colors together. Using black on the corner of the eyes above and under both and then smudging it to form a blackish golden color at the corners.

Over the years, we have seen gold makeup picking up as a choice of females for marriages and special occasions which ranges from medium to above average skin tones on a scale from darker to fair. But internationally, gold makeup is pretty famous in African continent as well where dark skin tones are most common.

Indian smokey golden eyes step by step

So, it is the art of doing makeup which matters.

No Golden Sheen On Cheeks!

Like for example, one should not apply the gold powder on the cheeks overall, rather focus on the cheekbones using a small blush brush. This would ensure a flawless look and avoid turning you into a plastic bod. Do not forget to layer the same with a compact powder. The choice of using it over compact or under is yours.

L'oreal true match super blendable blush golden apricot

Similarly for your lips, the last frontier of your face, experts suggest to use gold lip liner for a deep red or deep maroon color. I personally have tried the gold lip gloss and it looks like I am wearing a jewel on the lips. Ecstatic I was using it, do try!

Avon Ultra Color Rich Gold Shine Lipstick

Regarding your nails, I am sure gold makeup is definitely known to you. Match it with your attire. If it is not entirely gold, go for flaky colors or some contrasting colors to match your dress.

Orly Lacquer Solid Gold

Too much of gold can though make you look like out of some gold lake. Though I wish I had so much of gold physically, for makeup, I guess a little bit of gold is fine. What do you think? I hope the post fitted well with your expectations.

Have you ever tried Gold toned makeup?

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