How To Wear Heavy Makeup In Summers


How To Wear Heavy Makeup In Summers?

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The summer days are here and honestly I do not like the sunny days and wish the spring days could last longer. For any makeup lover things become all the more difficult as wearing makeup in summer days and making it last is quite difficult.

Melting temperatures of summer washes off the makeup, even though we don’t want it and it takes away the look which we want to wear and flaunt through the day. I can completely understand how messy things tend to become then, and if you intend to flaunt a heavy makeup look, then it reaches a new level of difficulty.

So, before you start with wearing heavy makeup in summers there are few things which I would like to share with you so that your makeup can last in hot summer days. We need to take care and give special attention to our skin preparation as it’s not possible at all to keep your makeup even in high temperatures and it will smear, smudge and run from sweat and oily skin, if your skin is not prepared for makeup.

Here are the few tips which will help you to look fresh even in summers. 😉

heavy makeup

  • Always clean your face with cleanser before applying makeup because that contains no oil and it is light. Do it gently.
  • Make it a habit of rubbing ice cube on your face prior to applying makeup, as it gives a cooling effect to face.
  • Use toner to remove excess oil and apply sunscreen. If you are doing makeup for a summer eve and are supposedly going to face camera then you may choose to skip the sunscreen as it will make you appear like a disco ball.
  • Never miss the moisturizers no matter what. If not the heavy ones, you can always choose a light moisturizer for your skin during summers.
  • Makeup primers will prove to be your best friends, as it will not only smoothen your face for makeup but will also help it last longer. If you are a newbie to makeup, then please know that a primer is always used after moisturizer. Primers are very light and do not give a feel of additional layer.

Benefit primer review+summer primer
Keep your skin well-hydrated. Drink plenty of water and keep a water bottle handy so that you do not miss out drinking water.

Blotting papers should be given a permanent space in your kitty and hand bags, especially during these hot days. Dab on the shiny areas of face lightly in the course of the day. This way your makeup will stay in place and your face will be free of any shiny look.


Do not wear heavy foundations at all; rather use corrector to hide imperfections. Mac pro conceal palette is a good option for this. Use of light, shear and waterproof makeup will help it to stay longer.

Here is a video of How To Use MAC pro conceal palette

Be very choosy when it comes to choosing makeup for your eyes. Cream eye shadows may not be a good pick for summers, instead pick the powder eye shadows. Eye primers too are a must before doing the eye makeup.

If it is a night makeup look then you can simply opt for dark makeup or smoky eyes otherwise dark shades in summers days are not an ideal choice but for nights they can come to your rescue. Smokey looks can be your cheat code as they not only make you look glamorous but also can be carried with light makeup bases.

smokey eye makeup review

Invest in good matte lip colors, crème lipsticks are not meant for the summers, they do not last long and at the same time can result in sweaty upper lips. You can also choose for tinted lip balms if you wish to have just a hint of color on your dry lips.

A light flush of color on your cheeks will add to the glowy makeup. For summers choose light coral, peach and pink shades of blush

To keep makeup looking fresh and natural, bronzer is a great makeup product to apply and that’s my favorite too. Powder bronzers are very easy to apply and make sure to apply bronzers on your neck, hollows of your cheeks and earlobes specially when you are having short hair or going for ponytail.

Do not ever skip the use of finishing powder or setting powder after your makeup is done, as it helps to set the makeup and make it last longer.

setting powder

  • A facial mist is a must. Keep it handy and spray it as and when needed. It helps in keeping you looking fresh and glowy.

Special notes:-

  • Avoid liquid foundation. The less foundation and fewer products you use, more likely it is to stay in place.
  • A bronzer is a good choice to wear in hot weather. That bronzy look is always to die for especially if it it is paired with highlighting.
    Before going to bed, make sure to remove your makeup and do it as a daily routine. Then moisturize your skin with a light moisturizer of oil free.

So girls these were some must follow makeup tips for summers. Follow them all and flaunt a glowy makeup face through day and night.

Have you got some more summer tips? Pour in your summer tips in the comments, would love to go through them.

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  1. Nice post,… Loved reading it,.. I find bronzing really tedious and end up muddy face,.. so I avoid it everytime 🙂


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