How To Wear High Waist Shorts & Skirts During Spring


How To Wear High Waist Shorts & Skirts During Spring

With springs almost round the corner, there is definitely no ambiguity that you must now begin to plan your wardrobe. High waist shorts, skirts that were piled up folded and rested during winters are now supposed to be readied for the upcoming days of summers. I am already excited to wear my high waist shorts that I bought last year. But I was so confused what I would pair it up with and so I thronged to magazines and online portals for ideas and got some decent ideas. Sharing them with you, may be you like them too. Hog on!

Pair them with Crop tops

Aztec print crop top+women clothes

Yes! Crop tops are definitely the most in thing today with everyone trying them. Then why should we shy away? What I like the most about crop tops is that one can choose to wear the bottoms as per choice. I mean I have post pregnancy marks on my body towards the lower part and so I feel crop tops do not suit me with low waist bottoms but I can surely carry them well with high waist shorts and skirts. This is exactly what I am going to do this season!

Tuck your shirts in!

Denim shorts

Do try this style! This is very exciting to wear. You can tuck your shirts and t-shirts in the high waist shorts and skirts and look hip and chic. It is quite a rage in Western countries and I feel this surely deserves a try, what say?

Wear with a pair of leggings

skirts with pants

While people wear leggings with long skirts with slits already, it is quite rare to see people pairing leggings with high waist shorts. Try wearing black leggings underneath your high waist shorts and I am sure you would love it. In fact you can wear it to not so safe areas with ease as there would be no skin-show this way. It is also useful for people who do not want to reveal body but want to wear shorts. I know a few people who think this way, it is sure shot a good idea for them.

Wear them with belts!


Do try this, take an old white or off white shirt, wear them with your high waist shorts or skirt and put a belt around. If the belt matches your bag and shoes, you are perfect for a Hollywood role! But even if not, you would at least create a unique style statement for your office or your friends! The belt would give a shape to your waist in line with the fall of the bottoms you choose and this would definitely highlight your look!

By now I am sure you have already have an idea of what to do with your high waist skirts and shorts which we would have discarded thinking as out of fashion or something but believe me they are still in and people are carrying them in style all day during spring. Go for it and style yourself the way you want to. I feel, high waist clothes are specially helpful in hiding the fat that you are otherwise unable to or you try to hide it behind the corsets.  High Waist skirts and shorts both are best way to enjoy summers, I am sure!

Have you tried wearing your shorts & skirts like this?

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