How To Wear Neon Nail Polish


I am yet to get over my neon hangover and I am sure it won’t be soon. Back with another post on neonism and this time it’s the nails. Now that you have got your favourite manicure, why not add an explosion of colours to those delicate fingers. 🙂 Neon nails were a really hot trend of the 80’s and they are again back with a bang. So, just chuck off those boring pastels pinks and stock up on some eye catching yellows, greens, pinks, tangerines, blues..the list can go on and on. Demure nails are definitely not in this season. Paint your nails with a shocking fuchsia and add some glitter. Fuchsias with contrasting glitter, pearlescent undertones, and straight-up opaques for a bold, edgy finish add just the right amount of oomph and femininity.


fierce fuschia nails +how to wear fuchsia nails


A bright neon nail paint speaks a lot about you. A classic red makes you a sophisticated diva. Barbie pink nails, are for the girly girls, who exude feminity and charms at the same time. Neon yellow nails make you a spotlight loving girl who is confident about being the way she is.

orange neon nail paints


Neon nailpaints have to be worn with a bit of moderation. A neon dress with neon nails can rather brand you as an attention seeker then a head turner. A neon lip colour or nail colour is enough. Don’t be any more neon with your dress or your shoes and accessories.


modern neon+neon nails


For starters who want safer options, go for dark neon hues which are not so bright and fluro. Dark blues, violets, muted oranges, corals, purples, greens. If you have neon nail colour which is too bright, mix a matte white, beige nail colour or pigment with it to subtle it out. It definitely works. Tried and tested.

So, what are you wearing on your nails today ??


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