How To Wear Off Shoulder Dress If You Are Curvy


How To Wear Off Shoulder Dress If You Are Curvy

Being curvy is definitely not the end of the world. In fact there are some styles which suit the curvy more than the sleek and slim styles. I agree those styles are a little less in number but they sure suit you the way you are and that is what is needed, isn’t it?

Wearing a strapless or an off-shoulder dress is a tricky proposition for a curvaceous person. Not that you are going to look fatter, but it would accentuate your shoulders even more than their usual size. This means you could look a little awkward and therefore it is pretty essential that you take care of the style you follow and your outfit does not look stroppy.

There are ways when you can prevent yourself from embarrassment and can carry the off-shouldered dresses with ease. I am putting up some options you could consider while choosing the off-shoulder tops or dresses:

Option1: Off-shoulder top till the waist

To have a way out, always choose an off shoulder top which does not fall flat at the bottom or is sticking to your skin all the way down. Choose a top which ends at your waist and is not fitted to your waist rather falls along your curves on your body. This would also be a better choice as they are more comfortable to wear and carry than your normal tops with elastics at the lower hem and similar.

Option 2: Do not pair your top with a heavy bottom

This is one big mistake we all make which makes us look heavier on the above is that we pair off shoulder tops with heavy looking bottoms. This then makes us look heavy rather heavier overall. For best combinations, we should pair our off-shoulder tops with bottoms that give a sleek look taking all attention from your shoulders and balancing your look overall.

Option 3: Wear a full bodied dress

dress+alia bhatt
Although Alia bhatt is no where curvy and is pretty thin ..I just wanted to give you an idea with the reference of the dress.

The third option is really nice if you actually can wear it. I mean if the occasion permits, you should opt for this dress which would fall in line with your curves and does not accentuate your shoulders to look ugly or weird. This dress would also add to your persona by making you feel in place and a lot slimmer than you otherwise would.

Option 4: You could wear slim fit denims to make your shoulders and curves less apparent

off shoulder dress+sonakshi

The final option that I can come up with you as a solution is to wear slim fit jeans if you are willing to pair it with your off shoulder top. This would make you look slimmer downwards and also would take all attention off from your curves tricking your onlookers.

I hope these ideas suit you fine and you like them. The curvy figure is called so because it is the best shape to define a woman. I believe being curvy is a rare thing and if we are one of them, we are rare too. So, why moan over it when we can celebrate it every day in our lives with such small experiments?

Do try these and share your experiences. You can reach out to me through your comments below or may be an email with your pictures.


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