How To Wear Pink Lipsticks Perfectly


How To Wear Pink Lipsticks Perfectly

Well well well! This is such a favorite topic of all women I know! I am sure you would agree but we women are definitely biased towards this color and its variants when it is about the lip colors. The color is a favorite as it is good to go for summers as well as winters. Of course like every color, carrying and ruling the pink color does involve a bit of preparation and has a distinct way.

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Firstly, one must know the color to be used. Pink has different variations and there are many colors which would suit you and some which would not suit you at all. One must know that these colors all variants of pink are definitely not suited to all skin tones at least. People with warmer skin tones would look good in cooler tones of the color and vice versa. This should be your thumb rule when it comes to this color.

So how do we apply the color, is the next step!


Begin with a little scrubbing or exfoliation of your lips using a scrub and then moisturize them with a lip balm. This would ensure that your lips do not appear chapped or dried even when you apply a bright pink color. This is so because bright colors usually bring out the fallacies in the open very easily.

After this is the time to apply your color. Often one tends to apply the color in one go, while the experts say that one should build up the color. That is, apply it slowly with slower applications and observe the color to be uniform everywhere. This will also ensure longevity of the color during the day. Also, while applying the lip color, always use a brush. This ensures that lipstick reaches all nooks and corners of your lips and there is a better finish to the color.

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These days the trend is to go for matte looks so if you are in love with it and do go for a matte shade. But do not proceed without the priming procedure as mentioned above.

I think we are done by now! But yes, one thing to remember. Often we find people donning a pink color, rather a very bright pink color with a full on makeup. This is a big mistake as the makeup would steal the brightness of the lips along with the warmth it created on your face.

Avoid Too Much Blush

Specifically speaking one must avoid using too much blush with a bright pink color as it would be a sin to steal the hue of your lips and impart to your cheeks. Avoid too bright a color anywhere on your face as it would steal the color and go for a minimal makeup which brings out your lips as the focus area.

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Since we are already into summers, pink is definitely going to be in our vanity. I am sure you would agree that lip colors influence your overall appearance which definitely rules your mood for the day. We must ensure, as I said above, that the color suits us and is in line with our complexion as well as our makeup, our attire and most importantly our mood for the day. One cannot deny that it is important to use the right color in pink.

Here is a video of Anamika (Wiseshe makeup youtube channel ) where she has shown 9 affordable pink lipsticks.Check it out.

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