How To Wear Pink On The Eyes


How To Wear Pink On The Eyes

Pink eye makeup is a tough one to nail! If not done right, it can easily look over-the-top. Thus, it is very important to keep it subtle & feminine. We take a look at different ways to wear this gorgeous color on your lids.

Gold & Pink Eyes:

This is a classic pink eye look & gives you a very royal kind of a feel. This will give your face a quite bright & chirpy look. Start with an eye primer & blend it all over the lids. Then apply bronze shadow in the inner corner while the pink eye shadow from the outer corner & blend them well.


To accentuate this look, apply a lime green shadow on the lower lash line. Complete by applying eyeliner, kohl & lots of mascara. We have used MAC eye shadows & Maybelline Gel eyeliner for this look

Pink Smokey Eyes:

This is another great way to pull off a pink eye shadow. Although smokey eyes are the focal point here, but pink tones it down & gives an overall feminine look. Prepare your eyes with an eye shadow base & apply a pink or fuchsia eye shadow using a fluffy eye shadow brush.

festive eye makeup+bright pink eye makeup tutorial

Also, apply the leftover shadow on the brush to your lower lash line. Draw a solid line using a gel eyeliner on the upper lash line & start blending so that it comes out as a shadow. Seal this with some black eye shadow on top & blend well. Finally, apply kohl & mascara.

Everyday Pink Eyes:

Wearing pink eye shadow in daily routine might sound a bit overdone, but it can be easily worn for an everyday subtle look. Start off by preparing your eyes with a base & apply your favorite pink eye shadow. Go for a baby pink or a lighter pink shade as we are aiming at a daily wear look.

Pink Smoky Eye Tutorial

Apply a brown eye shadow on the corner of your eyes & blend well. Use gold as a highlighter & complete with liner & mascara.

Hot Pink Eye Makeup:

A pretty bold look to carry off with a pink hue, this one is primarily inspired by Lady Gaga. Once your eyes are ready with the base, apply a hot pink shadow on the lids & some on the lower lash line too. Then, apply a light pink shadow in the inner corners of your eye & blend well.

lady gaga inspired smokey eye makeup tutorial final look+smokey eye makeup tutorial

Next, mark an artificial crease with a matte brown eye shadow & complete blending. Highlight the brow bone & finish with a thick black liner, kohl & mascara.

Pinky Purple Eyes:

The Purple color perfectly complements pink & this looks very cute & pretty. Firstly prime your lids & pat on some fuchsia pink eye shadow. Then highlight with a gold shadow.

eye makeup images smokey+pink eye makeup tutorial+smokey eyeshadow

Next, outline the pink with a bold purple color & blend properly. Complete with kohl, liner & mascara.

Pink Eyes For A Party Look:

Pink eye makeup for a party looks elegant & stunning. This is easy to do & will not consume much time. After priming your lids, apply Coastal Scents Hot Pot Oatmeal Pan shadow on the crease of your eye. Next, we have used Light Taupe again from Coastal Scents on the outer corner in a V-shape

pink dress makeup

Now comes the most important part where you apply the pigment. We have applied MAC Rose Eye pigment from the inner corner of the eye to all over the lids. Complete with dark kohl, liner & mascara.

Have you tried the Pink eye makeup before?

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