How To Wear Red This Christmas


How To Wear Red This Christmas

I am already seeing a lot of red as I step out of the house every morning. Red bags, red shoes, red caps are all signs of Christmas approaching. Well this is my favorite time of the year and I am sure many of you would share this with me. The entire proximity looks just so good. With Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, the same places look just so different. I guess this is the idea we need to follow as well. Be the same but look different! How does that sound? Well I am not painting the town red, but to red ourselves in some way or the other to celebrate the season, the festival and the year end in style.

Though I would prefer dressing up in a red dress for the occasion, I am sure there are more options for the rest of the days that can add to the festive mood and make us happier. Making merry is the norm of the day after all.

Red Dress

what makeup to wear with red dresses

As I said, Christmas means red dress to me! I have already shortlisted my dress for the Christmas day and for the days prior to it, I am already ready with my list and in fact with just a few days left, I am already on it! You can also go for a red jacket and make it go with other colors.

Red Lipstick

Definitely a sign of beauty, red lipstick is a must. Not sure if you have tried it before, red lipsticks can never go wrong with those heavy coats and caps.

Red Bag

Red & Black Outfit Accessories+casual dresses

My bag is red since a week already to mark the beginning of my festive mood :D. Try it, I am sure you would make a few heads turn for sure.

Red scarf

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Are you into using red scarfs, mufflers etc.? Go for it and team it with a white or black coat and you will rock the occasion for sure. They somehow enhance your look and I just love them for the reason that they make you look part of the crowd and still so different. I am learning the different styles of carrying these mufflers and scarves.

Red shoes


They are in trend every time I guess. If you are not keen to wear a red dress, you can try wearing red shoes! They look too cool and beautiful specially during this time of the season when the surroundings are red and green. Do try them; you would love them, if you still have not tried them. You can wear them with black or white or brown bottoms and coats of black or white color, they just look awesome. Do not forget the red lipstick.

Red Cap


You could also try this! Red caps or hats are good option to hint yourself that it is Christmas time. Anyway we do not get to wear such funky colors as we feel odd. But when the entire world is going red, why should we shy away! Isn’t it a good way to show our funky side too!

Red Nail paint


An obvious choice that has to go with all the options or any one of the options above. Red nail paint is definitely to be done as it would set your mood right for the festive season.

I hope you like the suggestions I made and go red altogether! Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

How are you going to wear red this Christmas?

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