How To Wear Shimmer Makeup : Eye Shadows & Bronzer


How To Wear Shimmer Makeup Eye Shadows & Bronzer

Shimmer makeup looks hot and appealing when done right and for the right occasion! If you wear a shimmer based makeup to a more of day event, then it might not sound or look that perfect! Shimmer based makeup is more for the camera and events where there are lot of lights which tend to make your plain looking matte foundation just too artificial or made up! Here we will be in particularly talking about How To Wear Shimmer Makeup Eye Shadows & Bronzer which need an expert tip to look flattering!

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Shimmers can be used in on any skin tone depending upon the right product for a particular skin tone! It also adds to the glow at night and your complexion and makeup looks radiant just with a dash of shimmer in any of your makeup items!

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Eye shadows-

The best way to flaunt shimmer on a special occasion is to apply it on the eyes. There are many powder based eye shadows and eye pigments which can be used on the eyes and they look great for a night or eve look!

Coastal Scents Forest Green eyeshadow swatch

Chosse silver based shimmers for medium fair skin tones!

The bronze & copper shimmers based eye shadows are apt for all skin tones including the darker and dusky skin tones!

If your are applying a shimmer eye shadow, then pair a matte liner on the eyes! If you wish to go a little less prominent then a clear shimmer based eye liner can also be paired to look trendy!

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Some shimmer based product suggestions are-


A bronzer seems to be the latest fad for so many of makeup loving women! It looks great and gives a plain looking face the perfect gradients and enhance the features of the face so that the artificial light falling on the face gives an altogether glowy look even under the sharp lights!

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #12 - Packaging

A glowy shimmer based bronzer can define the face magically and it also covers the veil of foundation and blush to give a natural look mainly when your are attending an evening party!


A blush with shimmer can also be used as an ideal bronzer for skin tones. For brides, a shimmer based makeup is a must to look flawless and all glowing with the flaring camera lights all around! It brings out and enhances the face which might get overshadowed with a heavy and opaque base makeup!

nars tajmahal blush

Some shimmer based products for the face are-

Hope you like the post and give these shimmer based products a try and see what difference it does to your look!

Have you tried Shimmer Makeup before?

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