How To Wear Shimmery Bronzers


How To Wear Shimmery Bronzers

Summers are back beauties and all of you who packed all there bronzers, now is the right time to put them to use and flaunt the latest trend of a sun kissed look. Well, bronzers are still gaining popularity as there are many who so wish to achieve the bronzy look but somehow the lack of perfection in applying bronzers comes in the way and they are not too sure about flaunting it confidently enough.

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There are basically two types of bronzers available which can be used by women as per their complexion and choice. The matte bronzers are easy to apply and blend unless it doesn’t completely wash out your natural skin tone because the sole aim of a bronzer is to give a natural tanned look and not look “made-up!” . Matte bronzer basically contours the face and gives a sharp featured look.

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The other type of bronzers available these days are the Shimmer bronzers and are a little tricky to use as you may easily over-do it which won’t look flattering at all.

Here are some of the beauty tips which will help in making the Shimmer Bronzers more wearable as the perfect season has just begun!

  • Shimmer bronzers give a natural highlight to the face and illuminates to an extent that looks next to being a natural look.

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  • Shimmer bronzers should be applied with a light hand on those areas where the sun rays will naturally fall. These are basically the gradients of the face, cheek bones, across the forehead, bridge of the nose etc.
  • Never apply bronzer to the whole face as then you are going to look like a disco ball and not a gorgeous diva who is just back after soaking in the sun!
  • The shimmer bronzers are better in enhancing the features of the face and looks more natural than the matte bronzers.

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  • Shimmer bronzer certainly looks best but it may emphasize the pores of the face so makes sure that you use a mattifying powder to minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Make sure that the bronzer you are using has fine shimmers which don’t look gritty on application, as then only the shimmers will beautiful reflect the features of the face and make the look appealing and radiant.

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  • Apply the shimmer bronzer with very soft strokes!
  • Never attempt to contour the face with a shimmer bronzer. It is an absolute no-no!
  • Always pick up a small face brush and not the dense Kabuki brush as then the brush will pick the bronzer in ample amount and it will be difficult to blend the shimmer bronzer on the face for a natural look.


  • Another trick to apply shimmer bronzer is to make the impression of the number 3 on each side of the face with slightly light hand. Start from the forehead and sweep around the cheek bones and eventually down the jawline.
  • Always apply a dash of shimmer bronzer over the brow bone to give an overall uniform dimension to the face.

I hope you liked these shades and suggestions for easily working with shimmer bronzers during the Summers.

Have you tried these tips to wear Shimmer Bronzers?

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