How To Wear Short Dresses In Winters


Hello beauties!

leather jacket with short dresses

I am sure you are all at least mentally preparing yourself for the winter season which has started to show partial signs already. Well you have got all the right in the world to style your wardrobe as you like and as the on-looking eyes please.

I am going to use this platform today to provide you ideas on how to style your short dresses and wear them this winter season. You can definitely try these and keep your wardrobe fresh and awesome. Let’s see what can you do.

Try pairing your short skirts or shorts with leggings

short with leggins

Leggings can definitely provide you much needed warmth as you might need while wearing short skirts. These are quite helpful and specially the ones that cover you waist up. Do try these as an option while you could wear your favorite short skirts and look hot while its cold outside.

shorts with leggins

Do try this option; I am sure you would love to do it. Best part, these leggings work fine with any kind of short dress- a skirt, a short one piece or a pair of shorts.

Bring in your boots into picture with your short skirts, shorts and dresses

knitted dress in winters

Boots as I already said in previous posts is your best friend during winter season. They come in handy and add so much value to your attire that you look suddenly the part of the crowd and still different. You can wear them with your short skirts and dresses as they look cool and fill you with comfort and cozy feeling to keep you warm. They will add to the oomph you could create.

Get in your leather jacket

leather jacket with short dresses

Yes! Leather jackets are always in. You can definitely try them and the best part is that underneath them you can wear your warm tops, sweaters etc. that will keep the chill away from you. There is a lot you can style with those short dresses and throw your attitude.

Wear your hats and caps to accessorize

winter dressing caps

Winters I feel, is the best time to accessorize. Team your skirts with hats, caps and scarf to accessorize. You can add them to your short dresses and triumph the style brigade for sure. You would obviously need to cover yourself up top down, as it is really too cold specially in Northern parts of India. But who can stop you from throwing your oomph factor off, if you so can 😉

Wear your overcoats

overcoat fashion hacks winter dressing

Overcoats with short dresses might sound a little illogical but any onlooker can let you know that you look unique and stylish when you make heads turn around with your style. Carry your style with your own attitude and see the difference. These overcoats help you keep yourself warmer.

How to wear short dresses in winters

short dress with blazer

I shared a post on cardigans, hope you followed that. Well, that is the best way to carry your short dress. Wear it with your open cardigan, if the weather permits, but yes a closed cardigan also looks awesome.

Hope these styles please you and you find them good enough for you to try. As per me, winters and short dresses make an awesome combination and the females the world over vouch for it.

Happy chilly winters everyone!!



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