How To Whiten Teeth ?


Eesha asks,

I am fond of wearing dark lipstick shades but my teeth looks yellow.Is there any trick which can help me n balance it out or make them whiter ?

how to whiten teeth


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  1. Take baking soda, add few drops of lemon. It will bubble a little but dont worry. Take the mixture on a toothbrush and apply it on your teeth.. Leave it for 1 minutes and wash off with warm water.

    BUT NOTICE, do not use this regulary.. maximum only twice a week and do not keep it for more than one minute else your nail enamel will become week.

  2. I read strawberrires can make teeth whiter, next time when you eat strawberries, try to chew more and rub the paste all over your teeth 😀

  3. try mixing hydrogenperoxide(3%) can buy at any pharmacy and baking soda. apply it on your toothbrush or mix it with your toothpaste.
    u can get sesetive gums in beginning but it gets better.
    u can start with 4-5 days a week and when u have desired results or few shades lighter u can use it once or twice a week.
    make sure hydrogenperoxide is only 3%. (try it.. if your teeth and gums get really sensetive.. u shld not use it anymore)

    one more tip: never brush your teeth really hard. always be gentle like u do with your skin.


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