Hyaluronic Acid and its Benefits on Skin


Hyaluronic acid and its benefits on skin


There are a number of innovations and experiments being done in the field of cosmetics and skincare and the experts of this field are striving hard and putting their best efforts for making new inventions in this regard. In the recent times, one such innovative substance that has been rated highly in the skincare range of products is Hyaluronic Acid. Read on to know more about it and how it is beneficial for the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural polymer which is also known as Glycosaminoglycan and occurs naturally in the human body. This is a gel based substance which has the property of holding water molecules present in the body and acts as the cushioning and filling agent in the connective tissues of the body. Besides other functions, it has the main functioning of lubricating the movable joints and muscles of the body. Being a water loving substance it finds it best use in the making the skin beautiful because of its amazing water retention property and due to this it is often called Nature’s moisturizer.


hyaluronic acid for skin


Okay, that is enough of description about the substance. Now, the main question is that if it is naturally occurring in the body, then where is it located in the body and in what quantities. So, here is a brief account of all that.

Hyaluronic Acid in the Human Body

As already stated above that, it is a natural polymer made of basically carbohydrates which is synthesized and utilized on a regular basis by the body. The average count of Hyaluronic acid in the body is about 15g. Studies have proved that, Hyaluronic acid has multiple functions which includes maintain the proper hydration level of the skin, inducing the collagen production, eliminating free radicals, acts as an anti-oxidant, maintains elasticity of the skin, nerve tissues, cushioning joints & maintaining the lubrication in the eyes to prevent many eye problems.


skin composition


Likewise other nutrients and minerals which are synthesized in the body, this particular substance has the same mechanism and with gradual aging the amount of Hyaluronic acid in the body also degrades. That is the main reason for appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, shrinking of the skin, diminished vision & other aging issues related to problems in joint and muscle movement.

Hyaluronic Acid benefits on the skin

Hyaluronic acid finds its maximum concentration on the skin and about half of its amount (in the body) is present on the skin itself. It is a component in between the deeper dermal layer of the skin and the outer most layer i.e. epidermis. So, basically it is the skin which is the most affected when the amount of Hyaluronic acid gradually starts degrading with the advancing age. Being a gel like substance which holds water molecules, it helps in the skin elasticity and stimulates the production of collagen in order to make the skin firm and free from wrinkles. Let’s know about its various benefits for the skin.

Skin moisturization

This substance is an excellent moisturizer because of its capacity to retain and bind water molecules and maintains the softness of the skin and protects the skin from the drying effects of the changing climate.


Hyaluronic Acid skin moisturization


Heals wounds and other skin problems

This is a great anti-bacterial substance and protects the skin from degeneration. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent against wounds, cuts, burns, skin ulcers etc.


hyaluronic acid serum


Delays the wrinkle formation

One of the potential uses of Hyaluronic acid is for the aging process and it’s after effects on the skin. It helps in preventing the skin to shrink by providing firmness to the skin cells which further don’t cause wrinkles due to the sagging skin.


Hyaluronic Acid  delays wrinkle


Maintaining the youthful texture of skin

Hyaluronic acid helps in maintaining the texture of the skin and prevents the drying of the deeper layers of the skin which are known to cause the visible signs of aging on the skin. When this substance is injected in to the body it is more effective than other collagen stimulating inducers. Hyaluronic acid is an active component of many serums these days which are specially formulated for sculpting the youthful look of the skin and keeping it younger.


Hyaluronic Acid maintains youthful skin


Cosmetic Procedures

Hyaluronic acid is beneficial for the skin as it is purely organic in nature and has been tested to be one of the safest substances to be used for aging skin. A temporary redness & mild irritation are the only side effects one can have with the use of this. It is also used in many cosmetic surgeries as it gives the desired firmness and acts as perfect filler for those areas which need to look fuller and not sunken.


Hyaluronic Acid injection


Acts as a natural sunscreen

Hyaluronic acid also acts as a barrier for the skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevents the formation of sunspots by eliminating the free radicals from the skin. In other words it is a natural sunscreen for the skin.


Hyaluronic Acid natural sunscreen


Did you know about Hyaluroic Acid and its skin benefits?

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