Hygiene & Cleanliness For Cosmetics and Beauty Products


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Hi beauties 🙂

This post is basically going to keep you all alarmed for your beauty products. Beauty products, first of all are always made in use to enhance the beauty of one. So it’s almost essential to take care of all your priced possessions in order to maintain your beauty.

Cleanliness of makeup products

Hence this post will be covering all those basic but important products maintenance.

What are the daily basic beauty products ?

  • Face : Foundation / Concealer / Powder
  • Lips: Lipstick / Lip gloss / Lip balm
  • Eyes: Eyeliner / kohl / Mascara / Eyeshadows


Okay so basically, it’s the face which plays the centre of attraction for anyone 😉 A well maintained skin is an investment I believe, because even if you don’t do anything artificial on it, you’ll be as beautiful as you are. So if you also take out a bit of time to take care and maintain your essential face products, they too will do wonders for you  Here are few ways how you can take care of the products :-


  • First of all, this is an extreme important product you need to buy ‘wisely’. Foundation, as the name suggests is the groundwork for your makeup. Therefore, choosing the right shade is always apt. You might even try the tinted moisturizers.
  • Secondly, foundation is fine for sharing only if the other person has the same match, because foundations basically come in such packaging that it can’t get contaminated if someone else uses.
  • Thirdly, the key to maintaining it is, don’t use the product after its best before date has expired. Most of the time the foundations start giving off this weird smell, that is the time to throw the product and get a new one 😀


  • Nowadays the concealers come in lip gloss kind packaging, so it’s absolutely handy and easy to use it anytime on the go.
  • Even if you have creamy concealer sticks or the lip gloss kinds, I don’t suggest to share them, because these are designed to come directly in contact with skin and for strictly personal use, so if you share, you might risk of sharing something else too :pain:
  • If by chance you had to share it, then still you can manage to sanitize it. Creamy stick concealers can be wiped off from the surface using an anti-bacterial cosmetic wipe, or you can simply wipe the surface with a tissue. For lip gloss kind concealers, sanitizing is a bit issue, because once shared with someone else, the wand goes back into the tube, and the whole product get unhygienic :nono:
  • Change the product when you notice weird discoloring or smell.


  • The compact powders or loose powders are ‘powder’s and dry products don’t catch a chance to get unhygienic.
  • They are meant to be used with the sponge they come with, or a powder brush. So even if you share them, you’re not exposing the product directly.
  • Still we must wipe off the surface of compact’s like once in a week, to ensure its hygiene.
  • For loose powders, they have a lid on top with holes; again they don’t get exposed directly.
  • Just in case you share it with someone, make sure that the brush you/or other person uses should be clean. And after using, wipe off the surface with a tissue.

Next post will be focusing on how to sanitize and clean lips and eye products. Hope you had great time reading it.

How often do you sanitize and clean your beauty products ? Do share in your tips and tricks ;)  Godbless !


  1. The moment i saw this pic i was like, it looks like fun to redo the look…Now i want Upsi to do a remake of this picture..darls we waiting…

  2. A very helpful post…i am waiting fr the next installment!

    I saw this picture on a magazine cover with some really great eye-makeup on. I would love to try that look, but since I am not that adept at makeup, I was wondering if you could recreate the look with a tutorial? It would be such a great help!

  3. Very informative post! You wont believe that powder products especially eyeshadows, loose powders etc can be used for more than 4 years (if kept in the best hygienic conditions and of the carton is retained). Its sometimes gross but cosmetic companies at times do lie about the expiry dates too..

    Good post!


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